More jobs. Signposts disappear.

Maybe we lost track of NEVS in the first weeks of the year. Maybe it could be because in the year 5 after the takeover of the Saab legacy we are still reporting theories. What gets tired after a certain point.

Trollhattan, the Saab signs disappear

We would have liked dynamism and something tangible. A first study, or at least sketches from which one could have guessed the future of NEVS. But there is nothing, the mailbox is and remains empty. And we're still stuck with the theory.

The Trollhättan location is completely different. It's developing splendidly. All Saab spin-offs write success stories and create new, highly qualified jobs. The Innovatum is expanding its range of office space with a new building, and NEVS could also offer more jobs this year.

The long wait for the licenses

Its implementation depends on the NDRC licenses for the new plant in Tianjin, which are not yet completed. The dialogue with the planning committee is underway, and press spokeswoman Ulrika Hultgren expresses confidence in the TTELA. At the end of the year, the start of production of the NEVS 9-3 for China is planned.

Associated with this would be additional jobs in the former Saab factory, which could become a reality after the summer break or early fall 2017.

While the first NEVS electric car is still a long time coming, the production of vans with electric drive by NEVS subsidiary New Long Ma has already started. The first 100 of 35.000 vehicles ordered were handed over to Panda New Energy in December 2016.

Hans-Martin Duringhof Vice President of Product Strategy & Planning

Hans-Martin Duringhof can celebrate a rise in the NEVS hierarchy. He has been appointed to the newly created position of Vice President of Product Strategy & Planning. He is now part of the company's management team. Duringhof has been since summer 2015 (not since 2013 as noted in the press release) back in Trollhättan.

Previously, he held various executive positions at Saab Automobile AB. Saab's latest new models, the new 9-4x and the second 9-5 generation, also bear his signature. The appointment as Vice President speaks for his growing influence in shaping the future of Stallbacka.

The signpost to the Saab Bilmuseum remains. And that's good.
Signposts disappear. As before, the Volvo Aero logos.

The Saab brand is now finally becoming the Nordic saga. The lettering of the big brand has already disappeared from the former factory. Now the traffic authorities have started to bring the information in the city and the E45 up to date.

Just as years ago the traditional Volvo Aero signposts were exchanged for those of GKN, so now the Saab signs have to give way to the NEVS lettering. Everything changes, nothing lasts. The signpost to the Saab Bilmuseum alone may remain and will in future remind transients of the big brand from Trollhättan.

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  • Me too Kochje. Hans = Monique. I can not read Saabs- united and your comments. Ask her Jonatan. Greetings from belgium.

  • Workplaces in THT; that's the most important thing for me now. Production first in China also seems logical to me. But who is there dan I hope that we can see in THT even more activities because da dan starts to build e-cars for Europe and USA. Or are we dreaming again?

  • blank

    Well, we are all curious to see if the production of the 9-3 EV in China actually starts at the end of the year. I wish NEVS that it works!

  • blank

    How good that we took souvenir photos in the summer. The transport from Ifhof is a good sign. So one can hope for something Saab Gene, even if the wait is already damn long.

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