Histo Monte 2017. The last preparations.

While I was able to deal with a typical “men's flu” in the last few days, the Wagenheimer team was much more productive with their Saab 99. The clock is ticking, because this Wednesday in the classic city of Frankfurt, the starting gun for the rally on historical tracks will be given.

Ready for the Histo Monte 2017!

Previously, the 99 was put through its paces again at the Saab specialist Heuschmid, because arriving is a top priority. Also missing was the contemporary sticker for the Motorsport Event.

Saab 99 in the style of Björn Eklund and Ragnar Spjuth

A rally trim from the year 1982 was selected, as a template served the 99 of Björn Eklund and Ragnar Spjuth. The pictures of the foliation action are available as a small teaser on the blog, in addition, the Orio Germany GmbH, our supplier for Saab original spare parts, as a sponsor on board.

What's next? The Wagenheimer team will make their way from Munich to Frankfurt on Tuesday. The journey takes place on its own, as it was common in the old days of motorsport. The technical inspection takes place from 11.30 a.m. to 17 p.m., and the driver briefing from 30 p.m.

And then, on Wednesday, the time has finally come. From 9:00 a.m., the participants set out on the southbound route. Two Saab teams are there, and Robert and Gerd Wagenheimer with their Saab 99 will virtually take us on their adventure.

While literally cheering, there are more pictures tomorrow of Team Wagenheimer's Saab 99, and we're introducing the Histo Monte 2017 range.

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    So flu, I had already thought something like that ...

    Hope very much that the blogger is doing well again. Better a grip than a flu!

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    The SAAB 99 does that easily.
    Was then my first SAAB.

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    "Bitches" on the Saab for the last 1-2 weeks, portafilter machine broken for 1 week and probably being repaired for longer AND also SAAB blog silence ...... that was too hard for me the last few days! 😉 😉

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    Finally (!) SAAB info again! 🙂 Withdrawal could be felt… 😉
    I'll keep my fingers crossed for Team Wagenheimer for getting through the game as well as a gratifying placement! Of course I am also happy about great photos and reports of the Monte Tour!
    TOI Toi Toi

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    Nice that it goes on. Had missed the daily reporting very much ...

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