Histo Monte 2017. Technical acceptance in the classic city.

The Wagenheimer team reached Frankfurt after a 5-hour drive yesterday - coming from Munich - without incident. Orio Germany managing director Jan-Philipp Schuhmacher welcomed Robert and Gerd Wagenheimer to the technical acceptance on the site of the Klassik-Stadt. Orio, our supplier of original Saab spare parts, is committed to Saab history and is supporting the Saab 99 Histo Monte team this year.

Jan-Philipp Schumacher, Robert and Gerd Wagenheimer.

Of course, there was also a small, saabiges welcome pack from the Orio crew from Eschborn. The acceptance itself was, after good preparation, without problems. This was followed by a driver's course, which was mandatory for all participants of the Histo Monte 2017.

We do not know how long the team stayed at the party that followed yesterday. It will hopefully not have been too long, because today concentration is announced.

Tag 1: Histo Monte 2017, 5 evenness checks.

The start of the first stage will run every minute from 9.00 clock, and the team Wagenheimer will go to 9: 59 clock on the track. Yesterday I wrote of a harmless start, but it will not be so casual.

In front of the participants 5 are demanding regularity tests. The Saab is well prepared for this, as a glance at the 99 shows: In the cockpit next to a Tripmaster 2 a lamp for reading cards, an illuminated magnifying glass and an AV clock for average surveillance installed.

All in all, today on the first day of the Histo Monte, there are a whopping 443 kilometers ahead of our Saab team. The stage for the prelude leads from the courtyard of the classic city of Frankfurt via Michelstadt and Sinsheim to Geroldsau. Day stage number 2 goes in the afternoon through the Black Forest via Haslach and Waldkirch to the destination of the day in Freiburg im Breisgau.

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