6 years. Mission: Impossible

An impossible story celebrates its 6 anniversary. The Saabblog.net project is since 9. February 2011 online. And everything started then harmless and full of hope. Not knowing where we would be 6 years later.

Saab lettering above the administrative wing.

Great visions. Great promise.

What had been promised to us! There were big visions back then whose frontman was Victor Muller. The brand should flourish and become more successful than ever. At first glance, one would have wanted to believe the words. Because with the 9-5 NG sedan, the 9-4x and the 9-3 Griffin was as much novelty as never before in the history of Saab in the showrooms.

And the 9-5 NG sports suit seemed as the next new release within reach. Everything was feasible overnight, and even the Phoenix study, as the successor to the 9-3, had a chance of being realized. We thought. Back then, in the first few weeks and months of the blog.

It turned out differently. Phoenix was stuck at a very early stage and should never learn to fly. Muller, at a certain point, fought a losing battle. And lost. After him there was still hope of a new start. With BMW, with Mahindra, or with Pang Da, Youngman and all the other investors whose names we have long forgotten. NEVS came in 2012. An unknown group with the vision of building electric cars. And with the incredible luck to be able to continue to use the Saab naming rights. That gave hope, but that also vanished. In the summer of 2016, NEVS buried the big goal and since then has simply reduced itself to NEVS.

Not without the Saab community to present a new minimum goal. Saab design language is to be preserved, and in future in each new vehicle of the mobility provider from Trollhättan find. That's certainly nice meant. But it could turn out to be too little.

Saab DNA to Gothenburg

Sometimes you could cry! Especially when you look at Gothenburg. Volvo and Saab were not considered marketable in 2010 and were only kept alive by EIB loans. Volvo still has problems today, but of a different kind - there is a lack of staff and capacity. On Tuesday it announced the recruitment of an additional 800 employees for the production, on Wednesday a billion dollar profit for 2016.

In Gothenburg's Lindholmen you can guess what Saab would have been able to do - if only you had got a real chance. Because the real success story of the time after Saab does not bear the name Volvo, but is written by CEVT. Former Saab head of development Mats Fägerhag and many engineers from Trollhättan have created something unique. 2.000 engineers are on the payroll, development is underway for Geely, Volvo and CEVT's own Lynk Co. brand. Pre-series vehicles are making their rounds in China, and the new brand's market entry in Europe and North America should come faster than expected.

The rise of Mats Fägerhag is also a Saab success story and in the next few days topic on the blog.

Germany was never Saab Land. Saab was always an outsider, even if you had chances with the new models. You would still have remained a small brand. Saabs are the true exotics in road traffic. Anyone driving a Saab today outside of Sweden, keeping it in good shape, does so consciously. He could also opt for another, new car. Sometimes he does that too, then the Saab is the second car of companion for the sunny moments in life.

Driving Saab shows character

Who drives Saab, who appreciates the special character, these cars have to offer. From the classic to the last series, the special Saab feel has been preserved. Sometimes more sometimes less. An 9-3 II is a modern car and still drives like a typical Saab. An 9-5 NG breaks radically with its predecessor, is based on the 9000, and yet offers a driving experience that differs from the market environment.

If the blog project has made a difference over the past few years, then it could be:

The brand has not disappeared. We keep the flag up, as it is worthy of Saab's claim. We have kept our pride. Because we drive great, individual cars, which are very durable and thus sustainable.

And if it happens that our readers climb out of their Saab every day with a small smile on their lips, turn around once more on the way to the front door, look at their car with pride and contentment for a fraction of a second, then we have everything done right.

27 thoughts on "6 years. Mission: Impossible"

  • The feeling and passion for SAAB has been enhanced by your commitment, dear Mr. Knecht,
    Many thanks from Wilhelmshaven

  • If you look back on the SAAB history, two actors must not remain anonymous: After years of failure, General Motors has, as is well known, withheld the patents that are important for the continued existence and is therefore actually the main cause of the entire misery - for Americans it has always followed the motto “America first”.

    The fact that the well-known brand name is no longer available for the car division is, according to NEVS, due to the behavior of the Swedes themselves - the SAAB AB apparently wanted to earn a little too greedily from the renewed granting of naming rights and so this matter came up ( ultimately?) to case.

    For us, the loyal fan community, we can now hope that NEVS will manage a little more than just continue the design language - because one thing is absolutely impossible: The future production of “Einheitsbrei” in Trollhättan!

  • Saab will always be my “dream” car. After 8 years, my convertible still shows me that it was the right choice. 110.000 km and everything is almost like new, according to the TÜV. I read the enthusiasm in your lines and I hope it stays that way!

  • Well, you can also see it this way: 6 years less until the day of reflection that a SAAB brand is justified in the automotive industry (in contrast to the mainstream of well-known professors and wise guys). I think there will be a resurrection at some point - something like that should happen! Until then, thanks for the bloq and “keep it up”!

  • Thank you for 6 exciting years !!
    I would like to be able to complete the blog in the next 6 years .. so please keep it up!

  • Hello Tom and Mark!

    Also from me congratulations to the 6 years!
    Everything turned out differently, but I suspect: Your importance as a blog is much greater today, at least for the German Saab community, than it would ever be for a “living” car manufacturer.

    In this sense, I'm looking forward to what's to come, and your last paragraph, Tom, is very true, that's how I've been experiencing it for 13 years and approx. 200 tkm with my first car, a Saab that was already used back then ...

  • Hello Tom, Congratulations and thank you for the always optimistic reporting that you, Mark and the whole team wrote to the fan base in good and bad times. You keep the Saab feeling alive, which we all love so much. Keep it up….

  • Without this blog, some SAAB ties would certainly be torn and some events would not have happened.
    Many thanks to you both “fighters”!

  • I just realized that I am a diligent reader of the blog from the beginning.
    I found in my folders a post by you Tom from 12.March 2011.
    Theme: Saab 9-2 Design proposal from Gothenburg by Johan Wejedal.
    It's always fun to rummage in the old documents.
    Thanks again.

  • I can do without a revival à la Borgward ...

  • I've been doing the same for 27 years ......

    I could drive everything else, why still Saab….

  • I agree with the remarks of 9.3Wolfgang.
    So much (!) I never SAAB Enjoy in my previous 12 years !!! This 6 years blog has been very conducive to understanding.
    I am looking forward to another year (!!!) https://www.saabblog.net !

  • Hi Tom,
    I can only confirm that with turning around and a smile on my face. Since 25 years.

  • Thanks to you both who kept the SAAB spirit alive and created an instance with the blog. Thank you for new ideas (part exchange) and the constant ambition, again and again to deliver treasures in the form of digitized videos or contributions. The mission is possible, thumbs up and all the best.

  • Thanks also from me.
    I am sure that one day there will be a comeback, the name is too cult.

  • For more 6 years with the wonderful blog and our Saabs

  • Hi Tom,
    a very nice, if somewhat sad summary of the last years. Thank you for the always new information about our brand. We would never have experienced much without you, Tom and Mark.
    Please keep it up. We still all have some hope to see something saabypically on our streets in the future, no matter how everyone thinks about NEVS.

  • Nice text and so true!

  • Tom- Thanks! The words speak to me from the bottom of my heart. The development could have been different. SAAB had 2011 great new models at the start. BMW or Mahindra may have been really good partners and the production would still run today. At Volvo / Geely; Jaguar / Landrover / Tata has worked well. I wish NEVS all the best! I hope you can really do something in the next few years.
    When I turn off our SAAB and look at it, I always enjoy this beautiful, balanced shape. It is a feeling that no current model from Audi, BMW or Mercedes can give me. The design holds back, it's just there - self-confidently without wanting to attract attention. It's like classical music or a good wine. You only learn to appreciate it when you grow up. SAAB - Jag älskar dig!

  • Happy Birthday ! ! !

  • Thanks Tom. For the next 6 years. Thanks again

  • Am only 1 year but still addicted to new reports and my SAAB.
    And I always have a grin on my face when driving. Keep it up.

  • 6 years are a great achievement. Every article is fun!

  • Hi Tom,
    everything in a nutshell, keep up the good work.
    Regards Ralf

  • Many Thanks! That speaks to me from the soul!
    Please keep up the good work!

  • Thanks for 6 years of great entertainment!

  • Hello Tom
    Thank you
    Greetings from Oldenburg

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