Saab on the Histo Monte 2017. Day 1.

Robert and Gerd Wagenheimer promised us a brief summary of the events for each day. And they keep their promise, even though a rally day is naturally very exhausting. Yesterday, the first two stages led to Freiburg im Breisgau.

Two beautiful cars ...

At the end of the day, 445 kilometers were on the clock. The Saab, Robert and Gerd write us, is running great, quite sporty and yet comfortable. He has good brakes that you can rely on even in the dark.

Yesterday, the rally was in good weather, there was the first snow in the Black Forest on the Kandelpass. But you can only see that in the Saab, they said. What speaks for the good traction of 99. An attraction of Histo Monte 2017 is rally legend Walter Röhrl. Always patient, always happy to be photographed. And he has kept his well-known humor. When Robert asked whether the tour was exhausting, the answer was “Yes, the slow speed”.

Place 28 after the first two stages.

On day 1, there was praise from the participants for the sensational AvD service car, which our Saab team only rarely saw. What is good ! In the evening, at the day's goal in Freiburg, the Saab team was in 28th place. A great result, and the field of participants is very close after the first two stages.

Today, on day 2, the 99 started shortly after 08.00 clock. Around 500 kilometers in Switzerland and France lie ahead of the team. We keep our fingers crossed!

4 thoughts on "Saab on the Histo Monte 2017. Day 1."

  • Fascinating to see how active the SAAB brand is. The trip to historic motorsport is a nice supplement to the blog.

  • Thanks for the nice impressions from the day 1 the Monte!
    Keep your fingers crossed that “check the engine” is quiet all the time ... 😉
    Looking forward to more photos and reports! Still much success (and the necessary fun 🙂) !!!

  • David Hable and Marquardt Eichhorn. Come even more pictures, I am currently writing the update for day 2.

  • Does anyone know who the white 96er is with double blue-white stripes?

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