Histo Monte 2017. Day 3 through snow and ice.

On the third day of the Histo Monte, the route took the participants over high mountain passes, snow, ice and fog to the Mediterranean Sea. A tour of contrasts that demanded a lot from the drivers and their classic vehicles.

Snow, ice, and fog ...

And of course yesterday was also a matter of material usage. Put on snow chains or not? Spikes for the rink or not? Our Saab 99 team relied on the superb traction of the classic from Sweden and left it to the use of winter tires.

Saab 99 on the road in snow and ice

The start was at 8.11 in Aix-les-Bains. The Rally Bulletin predicted snow for the track. And so it happened. On the way to the Col de Mont Revard at 1.537 meters altitude there was a lot of snow, on top of the summit a lot of sun. A perfect winter landscape, as if from a picture book. And, Robert writes, to drive perfectly. Even without snow chains.

After the first uniformity test, the route continued with lots of sun towards Grenoble. The Col du Lautaret with 2.057 altimeters presented itself in a mix of fog and sun. And with a lot of snow. Afterwards, 4 laps were waiting on an ice rink. Some teams upgraded to spikes, the Team Wagenheimer continued to rely on winter tires. A great experience, write Robert and Gerd. But in the understeering 99 rather suboptimal.

After two more uniformity tests, the race day ended at 21.00 in Mandelieu near Cannes. The Mediterranean close enough to touch, after a day in snow and ice. A day of contrasts and our team is tired but happy.

Rank 22 after 6 stages

The next day, the mountain is calling the mountains. The Col de Turini waits and the destination in the port of Monte Carlo. The team Wagenheimer lies after 6 stages on a very respectable place 22. After the sensational place 8 has hit reality. We keep our fingers crossed for the last two Histo Monte Stages!

3 thoughts on "Histo Monte 2017. Day 3 through snow and ice."

  • Continue to have fun and a safe arrival.

  • Stay tuned! EVERYTHING is still open! The "Night of the Long Knives" is yet to come ... 😉
    I keep my fingers crossed for a good position!
    ... and take nice photos by the way, impressive!

  • Hard use for people and vehicles. We keep our fingers crossed!

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