Histo Monte Finale. Col de Turini and Monte Carlo.

It was many years ago that I first stayed in the hotel of the 3 Vallées. The hotel on the Col de Turini is rather inconspicuous, but a mythical place for all motorsports fans. At that time I was traveling with an English car that was no less characterful than a Saab.

The Hotel des 3 Vallées is for rally drivers…

Many years have passed since then. But some things still exist. The cakes in the hotel of 3 Valleys are still legendary good. And the men's toilets still without doors. Just like Walter Röhrl, who can look back on 40 years of Col de Turini's experience, noticed it yesterday.

Col de Turini. A legend for motorsport fans.

The highlight of the material battle of this year's Histo Monte was, of course, the ride up to the Col de Turini at 1.607 meter height. The way up was paved with ice sheets, and the prescribed average speed of evenness testing changed from a minimum of 39,5 to a maximum of 48,5 km / h. For the last part of the ascent to the Turini 43,5 km / h were required, which one could estimate as slow, if one does not know track and conditions.

Due to the inclines and the many hairpin bends, garnished with speed measurements in unexpected places, the passage is a challenge for both driver and material. You have to concentrate, and the last few kilometers demand the ultimate commitment, which - when you arrive at the top of the Des 3 Vallées - is rewarded with legendary good cake.

The last stage of the Histo Monte, enriched with two more regularities, led from the Col de Turini down to Menton and into the port of Monte Carlo. The goal after 1.730 kilometers and 31st place in the final ranking for the Wagenheimer team and the Saab 99. Very respectable with a field of 83 vehicles, and our congratulations to Robert and Gerd in the principality!

The Saab runs like clockwork and maybe we'll see each other again.

The Saab ran like clockwork on the track, had no defects and no measurable oil consumption. Today it goes back on its own, 1.000 kilometers to the north lie ahead of the team. We say thank you to Robert and Gerd for the cooperation and the pleasure of introducing our readers to something classic motorsport. Also a thank you goes to Orio Germany, our supplier for Saab original parts. Orio has the team Wagenheimer at the AvD Histo Monte supported as a sponsor and upheld the brand flag.

We may see the 83 Saab 99 more often. He will keep his stickers and may have his next appearance at the Hamburg - Berlin Klassik in August.

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  • Congratulations Robert and Gerd and many thanks for these beautiful pictures and reports. And also for Eichhorn and Hable a welgemte congratulations.

  • Congratulations on the result. Was a nice report about the days and made you want more.

  • Many many THANKS to Robert & Gerd W. for the reports and impressions of the historic Monte 2017! 🙂 It was fun to be there “almost” live ... Congratulations on the placement !!! and damage-free return journey ...

  • The colleagues Eichhorn and Hable with the 96iger were the first time at the Histo and came in place 71 total.
    Against this, even horsepower-strong, competition quite worthy of recognition!

  • The list is not online yet. On Saturday, before the last two stages, the 96 was quite far behind on 73.

  • Many Thanks! It was fun (almost like) to have been there. Congratulations to the 99er team.
    How did the 96er team complete?

  • Many thanks to Gerd and Robert for the rally feeling of the last days on the blog. That was nice to read and bridge the time until your own classics can be driven.

  • Thank you for your moral support !!
    That was a great experience again.
    With place 31 we are already satisfied in an environment with many Quattros and deltas.
    Our great respect for the participants with the Maserati, the MK II, the Heckflosse and some weak motorized classics.
    Maybe we'll "read" each other again ......
    Greetings from the Saab of the Autostrada

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