Rare Saab 9-4x for sale

It was in Hamburg when I was allowed to drive the then new Saab 9-4x for the first time. He left a lasting impression, because the Saab SUV was just fun. Sovereign was the 9-4x with his Turbo V6 on the road, always sufficient power, accompanied by a beautiful sound.

Saab 9-4x on the way in the Rhine Valley.

He is not a car for people who argue with supposed reason and then buy a big SUV with diesel engine, but a vehicle that is quite open to his stupidity. And that is also wonderful Saab. Just different than usual and with a unique cockpit with row roof, as we know it from the last models from Trollhättan.

A dream car in dream configuration

The 9-4x would have been my Saab, as I have repeatedly written. I would have ordered if it had come to the German market introduction. The plans were very specific, Saab Germany would have ordered my dream car after my configuration, first admitted to the branch, and then sold to me after some time.

Because it would not have been so easy to drive a 9-4x in Germany. The bulk of the Saab SUV would have ended up in China and the USA, where in 2011 they had no desire for diesel. We in Germany would only have been allocated a few hundred units per year. And they would have been sold out very quickly.

Something like my dream configuration corresponds to the Saab 9-4x, which is currently for sale in Hamburg. In Ice-Pearl Metallic, which is my preferred color for this model. The vehicle is a Canada version, which has been converted with an original Saab navigation system in the European variant. Just 24.000 kilometers are on the speedometer, the vehicle has a clear history. The first registration was registered on the Saab Automobile AB, then he went into German lover hands and was passed on in the family.

The Saab 9-4x from the Milford Proving Ground

Of course, all the documentation is there, and the history of this Saab 9-4x is well documented. What makes him special, among other things, is the fact that he was at the GM Test Site at Milford Proving Ground and that this is proven. Probably for documentation and release reasons, as Canada version of the 9-4x. He is thus a piece of automotive history that is so rare to find. For lovers, Saab fans, and probably with an added value in the coming years.

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  • I have deliberately written SAAB virtues, I mean above all an extensive standard equipment with some smart details, which start with the air suspension with leveling and end far from the compressor with which not only the tires can fill with air but also Soccer balls and other. Car size and acceleration are also at SAAB level. The latter generates the same astonished faces as when I step on the gas pedal in the aero9k. But there are also a number of deficits, safety, gaps, consumption, above all.

  • I drove an 9-7 X some time ago and did not find anything besides the Griffin emblem that somehow reminded me of SAAB. And I can say that I drove pretty much everything from 95 Kurznase to 99 TU, 90-er, 900i / TU, 9000 CC Aero / CS Aero, 9-5, 9-3I / II and the 9-7X fits in my opinion not at all, maybe because it is a Trailblazer.

  • Assume the brand I was referring to is identified ...

    Maybe at least a station wagon in 9-3 format will come from there soon? There is already a soda in these dimensions. Also such a SAAB parallel. Because these are available as well as the SUV with the quasi 2.0T ...

    Also, these are already with a V6 and it is something like an Italian Mega 9 3. The SUV should follow with the same engine and would then be offered here 9-4x in some respects (engine capacity, number of cylinders and
    arrangement) more similar.

    I feel the same way I did last with Opel. I would be interested in bloggers and the community. In any case, I personally see many parallels to SAAB. Also because of American influences ...

  • The hall is full. Growth is not approved

    The retrofit of the navigation was carried out at Lafrentz. In Kiel, 9-5 has already been successfully converted.

  • Hello Tom, I would immediately access you in your place. Because with good care can only come out a lot of fun and a reasonable increase in value.
    PS: Do you have information who has the Navi converted. I'm currently driving an 9.5 that was originally intended for Canada. But unfortunately still with the Navi for Canada / USA. So far, I'm still looking for who will change this.

  • The combination is really a pity. But the world seems to want SUV's, less estate cars.

  • The cockpit has been nicely “saabed” and the ignition lock is where it should be. Even the cup holder from the 9-5 I is there. Looks good and actually feels good. In the Aero versions, there was even the lettering embroidered on the leather and thus attention to detail.

  • At Trailblazer probably nothing. The question is how much SAAB is in the 9-7X?

    I never sat in it, but assume that SAAB has taken in the 9-7X the topics cockpit and seats seriously.

  • Hi.

    What's the story of Saab on Trailblazer?
    I would be very interested.

    The griffin forgive me my ignorance!

  • A nice car of the 9-4x where the basic model of GM is also funny umabelt back and forth. Incidentally, the 9-7x is basically a Chevrolet Trailblazer and not a Cadillac, with more SAAB virtues than you think.

  • ... in some places (eg “optically” in the rear, center armrest, etc.) the car is a bit “Saab-atypical”…. but that's not so bad.
    All in all, the 9-4 makes a full SAAB impression (and of course above all and especially “front left”). 😉

  • It's a shame that they didn't continue to produce the 9.4x! Like the 9.3

    A beautiful SUV. And despite GM a whole Saab. Not like the 9.7x a relabeled Cadillac.

    I would like to have a test drive.

  • A dream indeed! I was also hoping that the 9-4X would come to Germany. I would definitely have loved ordering it or ordering it as a demonstration car. Totally unreasonable but awesome….
    Unfortunately I lack the financial resources or the courage to take the risk to buy it here.
    I “have to” drive another 9000

  • This SAAB also contributes to the fact that another manufacturer seems to me more and more like a Mediterranean interpretation of SAAB ...

    Another SAAB is the sonnet. From Italy there is something like the current interpretation. Amazingly poor in cubic capacity and relatively weakly motorized on paper for today's conditions, but so small and light that hardly anyone can keep up (in 4,5 to 100) ...

    The new SUV from there is offered with a 2.0T - with 280 PS. A SAAB four-cylinder could also be located roughly there today - and unruly. Maybe the 9-4X would also be on the market with this engine? A 9-5 for sure, if there was such an engine, it would have continued somehow and the licenses for 9-4X and 9-5 NG would not have been a problem ...

    Would, would, could ...

    I save the other brand names and types here. Anyone who has already had similar associations knows who and which models I mean anyway. It's a shame that there is currently no station wagon there either. A platform that comes even close to a 9-5 has never existed there anyway ...
    But maybe that will happen?

  • Hello mac9-5!
    Yes, the Bluetooth hands-free system together with the steering wheel or the touch screen works wonderfully.

  • Is there 3 versions of 9-4X? USA, CANADA, EU version?

  • it is a pity that this car has not been launched. TTID engine from the 9-5, automatic, all-wheel drive. There would surely have been ahead of many.
    So it remains a collector's item, which should only be moved in the summer.

  • Very nice car! 😉

    And handsfree, etc. work there after Navi-EU conversion?

  • Noble part! Did not we have a 9-5 II from Milford Proving Ground years ago?

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