Histo Monte 2017. Classic City Gleanings.

Our readers were very close to the AvD Histo Monte. The Saab 99 team with Robert and Gerd Wagenheimer reported daily from the track and delivered current pictures. Place 31 after 1.730 exciting kilometers was a very respectable result.

Our Saab 99 team, supported by Orio Deutschland GmbH.

Historical cultural property. Classic City Gleanings.

But not only that of the Orio Germany GmbH supported 99 was on the way. A Saab 96 V4 was also on the track and with it many other classics. During the technical acceptance test in the classic city of Frankfurt Uli was there for us.

He documented the event for us and captured some of the racing atmosphere. Nice cars that should be preferred from Saab, but do not have to, but can also be from Gothenburg or Italy. Our photo gallery is designed for all friends of classic automobiles who simply enjoy timeless beauty.

Tomorrow we will continue with the future, which could also come from Trollhättan. Until then, have fun with automotive cultural assets from the classic city in Frankfurt.

4 thoughts on "Histo Monte 2017. Classic City Gleanings."

  • Thank you, Uli, you captured the mood on site really well ...

  • The blog has a good mix of classics and current vehicles and the economic tool. That makes me take a look at it on Sunday. And it is fun!

  • Nice boxes!

    Nice also, that no more quarrels about cars, makes and models when they have reached a certain age.
    Just nice that they still exist. Or what does Ove say?

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