Tesla production in the Saab plant in the future?

The auto industry is changing, a lot is possible. It is common knowledge that Tesla is looking for a European location for a complete production. In addition to locations in Germany, France, the Netherlands and Portugal, Trollhättan is also under discussion - and with it the former Saab plant.

Saab plant Trollhättan. Production of the Saab 9-3. Image: Saab Automobile AB

Tesla production in Trollhättan. Swedish wishful thinking?

The contacts to Tesla were first made in early summer 2016. According to Sveriges Radio are both Business Sweden as well as the federation of the auto industry FKG participated in the discussions. You see a tough competition for Tesla, but also big chances.

The infrastructure in southern Sweden is consistent, the way to the largest European markets is short. On site in Trollhättan there is a lot of experience in the automotive industry and a functioning network of suppliers. The Swedish auto industry in 2017 is a success story thanks to foreign investment. Why an auto plant, which is unused for years in the meadow, so do not want to fit.

Of course, wishful thinking is part of the tough competition for a possible Tesla location. But an existing factory could be a trump card in the race for winning, even if it had to be refurbished and modernized. In the immediate vicinity is the research and development center of NEVS with wind tunnel, laboratories and test track. In addition, Trollhättan is a research and innovation focus of the auto industry.

In recent years, NEVS has repeatedly expressed interest in custom production. There were discussions with various companies, including Tesla. To an order it did not come out so far. NEVS Industrial Services (NIS) is working on a reboot and has secured the support of an experienced Valmet Automotive Manager. Valmet Automotiv, formerly Saab Valmet, also works for German brands as a contract manufacturer.

Tesla and NEVS in direct competition?

What could speak against a Tesla production in the former Saab plant, is the model planning of NEVS. The vehicles announced from 2020 could be placed in the same price and market segment as the upcoming Tesla 3 model. Both companies are in direct competition with each other, which would make a joint production at least questionable.

There would be the possibility that NEVS would lease the plant for a longer period of time or sell it in full. For NEVS, Trollhättan would in future be a pure research and development location, as is the case with CEVT in Gothenburg and the new Lynk & Co brand. However, this is pure speculation, for which there is no evidence.

Tesla has announced that it will make a decision within 2 years. For Trollhättan it would be hundreds of new jobs, and perhaps the location for a battery production facility. But that could also be of interest to NEVS.

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  • It is like it is. In the current worldview everything has to grow, boom and expand. That would also be possible with individual cars like SAAB on the world market, but not in the rocky steep curve as the "experts in the money" hope. SAAB Automabile is history and it will stay that way until I go back to the garage, turn the key and drive off. I basically trust TESLA to do everything. But I don't see the whole thing together with NEVS in a factory hall. The mistrust of the “copy-paste Chinese” is too great and the other way round it should be similar. I think TESLA will go to “cheap houses” because the shareholders want it that way.

  • ….it is exactly like that. I always said that was it with Saab. If a serious investor had taken over Saab from ongoing operations and continuously developed it, it could have gone well - see Volvo-. Saab was and will be history. Unfortunately

  • As a die-hard SAAB lover, I not only resent NEVS if nothing more edible should ultimately come out - it is well known that many cooks have contributed to the spoilage. Above all, the former American head chef GM. A young Dutch chef and the Swedish auxiliary cooks (legislature and judiciary) then also demonstrated their inability - of course, everything is slowly becoming inedible for gourmets (probably with the current Chinese chef Jiang).

    It's time to look around for a new automotive delicacy - but in my opinion it is somehow not TESLA either. Where should you find what you are looking for?

  • The question is whether NEVS has not simply missed a contract manufacturing facility at the right time. Now it is already 6 years quiet and the facilities are not doing better. Competence has moved on to Gothenburg and I think we will see a sale in the end.
    Not necessarily today or next month. But safe in the medium term. As an alternative comes the demolition, but NEVS will certainly never produce even an electric car in Sweden.

  • if development and production fall apart so far, I will probably no longer be willing to buy a car there. I'm too European for that.

    However, the idea is neither implausible nor alien to me. In fact, I've suggested this several times for Apple's car, which probably no longer comes.

  • Currently, the impression is solidifying that more and more moves towards China. Whether Saab Erbe will be reinterpreted and whether in the medium term it will really matter, I see with a growing question mark.

  • Tesla will probably prefer to buy, build, lease. NEVS could lease the plant and rent a shift. A sale in the current situation is not very likely. But not completely impossible.

  • Do the NEVS-people actually want to put something on their feet or just give an American competitor the possibility of producing for European markets in Trollhättan ??

    I hadn't noticed that discussions were taking place about it. In my eyes the whole thing is more than strange and unfortunately makes me doubt NEVS more and more. What do they actually want to put into practice in the future with the SAAB legacy and much invoked SAAB spirit - I'm afraid there is really not much left for SAAB enthusiasts!

  • Does site search actually mean that Tesla wants to entrust a foreign manufacturer with the production?
    I thought that they had excelled so far by a quite amazing autonomy for the industry?
    A location is first of all a property and not a partner ...

    Could it be that Tesla buys the plant and NEVS goes all the way to China?

  • I suspect that Volvo will strike sooner or later. Or Lynk & Co and CEVT. NEVS simply cannot do it, the China Mobil is not expected to come onto the market until 2018. Is not very convincing in my eyes.

  • I admit that I looked at today's date for the first moment ...

  • Dream and possible reality ...
    Definitely good for the Troll-City region!

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