NEVS secures battery supply

NEVS has signed a strategic framework agreement with Contemporary Amperex Technology Co., Limited (CATL) to secure the battery supply for NEVS 9-3 EV in the Chinese market.

NEVS secures battery supply

CATL is a Chinese leading energy storage solution provider headquartered in Ningde, Fujian, with focus on the research and development of li-ion battery (LIB) intended for electric vehicles. The company which fulfills the domestic industrial standards and the government's requirement for EV subsidies.

"CATL's supply capacity and proven technology will allow us to shorten the lead time to the market, and to fulfill our demand in quantity and quality. NEVS 'own customers in the Chinese market. Says Kai Johan Jiang, Chairman of NEVS.

NEVS received a total order of 250,000 EVs from Panda New Energy, an EV leasing company based in Beijing. Through NEVS 50% owned factory in Fujian, the first patch of 100,000 electric commercial vehicles have started to be delivered. The rest of 150,000 9-3 EV are scheduled to roll out of NEVS JV plans in Tianjin in 2018.

About CATL

Established in 2011, Contemporary Amperex Technology Co., Limited (CATL) is dedicated to providing energy efficient storage solutions through advanced battery technology.

The company possesses R&D and manufacturing capabilities for power and energy storage battery as well as core technologies for the whole industrial chain of materials, battery cells, battery system and battery recycling. CATL was awarded the “Annual China Energy Storage Industry's most influential Enterprises in 2015”.

CATL aims to provide best-in-class services and differentiation. It is one of the leading EV battery providers globally and the clear market leader in China with a large portfolio of world class customers. At the end of 2016, CATL was employed by 10,000 employees worldwide.

5 thoughts on "NEVS secures battery supply"

  • Interesting:
    "Through NEVS 50% owned factory in Fujian, the first patch of 100,000 electric commercial vehicles have started to be delivered."

    What do we know about these vehicles?

    • They are vans and microvans driving purely electric. In December, the first vehicles were delivered, it was a small, two-digit number.

      • Très bien ces batteries qui equiqués les Saab chinoises.
        Corn source est l'autonomie? quel sera le prix d'un équipement? Que fera t on des batteries hors services?

      • Actually, I follow the action already, but now I stand there blank. What does this mean? Panda has ordered 250000 vehicles from NEVS, and now it turns out they're minivans? What do they have to do with NEVS at all, or did they secretly develop transporters in Trollhättan? If not, where does the design of the boxes come from, if it has anything to do with NEVS?


        • There have been 35.000 electrical pickup ordered by Panda. The vans will have a lot to do with NEVS and Sweden. They are constructions of New Long Ma and comparable to other makes, of which there are many in China. A pure China topic, I think.

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