Briefly noted. Tesla. Deer performance. IntSaab.

In recent days, a number of short messages have accumulated. Our overview, across the Saab world, begins with the International Saab Meeting, which will take place in Dinslaken this year.

Impressions from the IntSaab 2012 in Spa
1. German Saab Club. IntSaab 2017.

The login to the IntSaab 2017, that of the 4. to 6. August in Dinslaken is now online possible. Currently the 1 is reporting. German Saab Club no limit as far as the number of participants is concerned. The International Saab Meetings are popular, so that the capacity limit could be reached very quickly.

A timely booking is advised for all interested Saab fans.

1. German Saab Club. Techno Classica,

The Techno Classica will take place in Essen from April 5th to 9th. And as always, the 1st German Saab Club, which also organizes the meeting in Dinslaken, presents our brand. The motto for 2017 is an old Saab advertising slogan from the 70s. "Better perfection than clothing" is written above the appearance. What is behind it? We can be curious.

Due to the construction work on the exhibition grounds, the location is changing this year: The Saab exhibition stand will be in Hall 13, Stand 13/110, area entrance Messe Ost / Gruga Hall.

Deer performance

Hirsch Performance, formerly Saab Werkstuner, still offers solutions for more driving pleasure. As our vehicles get older, so do the discounts. A 30% discount is now available for vehicles of the model year 2012 and 2013 (?). A 50% discount is applicable to all software performance enhancements for vehicles with model year 2011 and older.

The Hirsch Performance performance increase is at authorized Saab partners verfügbar.

Saab in the press

How can you tell that the Saab community is working very well and the Saab Spirit has not gone out yet? There was an unerring indication in the last days. There was an article in the press about the Saab 96, and I already had a dozen mails from readers pointing to it in the mailbox.

I would like to say thank you for this, also because I haven't been able to answer all the emails for months. There are just too many and it would take me an additional 24 hours a day to get everything done. The situation will not change due to the lack of a solution. I therefore ask for your indulgence!

But: Every mail is read, and what is to be answered within a reasonable framework, is done.

Here the link to Saab 96 Article and to another post about Saab 92 vs. Volvo 444 goes. Have fun while reading!

Tesla to Sweden?

On Monday it was about the Questionwhether Tesla could build electric cars in the former Saab plant in the future. It is very unlikely that this will happen. Nevertheless, the topic seems to be developing quite a bit of dynamism, also because certain circles are very interested in luring another manufacturer into the automotive cluster between Trollhättan and Gothenburg.

The Swedish government wants to play an active role in this. That reported on Tuesday Sverigsradio, And it's not just about production; a battery factory should strengthen the automotive location in the south of the country and secure it for the future. This does not necessarily belong to Tesla, also with other manufacturers one is talking.

In light of the fact that Volvo and Lynk Co are launching electric cars ahead of 2020, and part of them are to be built in Europe, this is certainly a good approach.

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  • blank

    Why is there no deer upgrades anymore for the first MY of the 9 5? It was not replaced at that time, no controller, but only the software changed, right?

  • blank

    That's not incredible. Do I remember correctly that any minister said that one could build wind turbines in the factory? This is regenerative energy, and cars that can use regenerative energy are better than old burners.

  • blank

    “Deer” is a great thing! 🙂
    At that time I also did 9t arc on my old 5-2.3 SC (when there was an 50% action).

    Tesla in Saab halls? Hmmm …..
    But apparently the Swedes are at least taking the importance of the "automobile industry" "more seriously" again.
    I think a lot will happen in the industry in the next few years (with some positive consequences, but certainly also many negative ones ... also here in Germany)

  • blank

    Thanks for the deer Performance Note! 50% make me weak

  • blank

    Now the Swedish government is suddenly taking action and it is hard to believe that an American car manufacturer should be lured to Sweden - is it still possible?

    SAAB automobiles had been thrown all the sticks that could be got between the legs before bankruptcy and now this. This is part of schizophrenia disorders - just incredible!

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