Center armrest for the Saab 9000 for retrofitting

If you ask me what I did this winter from Saab's point of view, then there is an answer. I drove Saab 9000. In a self-experiment with a Saab classic through the dark and cold season. Does it work? The answer will be on the blog in the next few days.

Before our 9000 was ready to try, it got a small comfort update. Unfortunately, the Swedes never delivered the 9k with a standard center armrest. That is not understandable. Because the first big Saab is a comfort package that absolutely requires a center armrest.

Saab 9000, our Anna project, with center armrest.

Retrofit Saab 9000 center armrest - "Made in Italy"

There was a good and durable accessory solution from Saab that hasn't been available for ages. The aftermarket offers a variety of options that are either cheap, ugly, cruel - or all of them. A possible alternative is offered by Armrest shop from Darmstadt. It provides different versions of armrests for Saab 900, 9000 and 9-3.

At €86,00 for the imitation leather version or €16,00 for the genuine leather version, the price is completely reasonable. The delivery time is given as 7 - 10 days, and the armrest is there after exactly 10 days.

Too bad: There is no shipping notice, which would have been great service. The armrest is made in Italy, and there are even more color variants for the 9000 directly from the manufacturer than the German agency offers.

That's it: The retrofit solution for the Saab 9000

The workmanship is good, the small compartment under the armrest is padded, the leather feels good and smells like Italian leather should. The armrest is mounted with 2 screws that are drilled from below into the lid of the compartment on the center tunnel. It's quick, easy and fits, as the lid begins to form its first small bubble. Signs of age that are now covered by the center armrest.

Material, design and price are right

The two screws hold the armrest in place, even if there remains a slight play and equally slight concerns about durability. The next few months will show that they are unfounded. The part from the accessories keeps what it promises, the compartment in the center tunnel remains accessible, the gain in convenience is high.

Practical: a small compartment under the armrest

Above all, the color, the design and the material are right. The center armrest looks like Saab Original and as if it had already been installed in 1998 factory. The comfort gain is palpable, and after one day at the latest you do not want to drive 9000 without it.

Small investment, more luxury in the Saab classic. And the prelude to write a little more about the first big Saab again. The self-experiment with the Saab 9000, our Anna project, during the cold and dark season will be posted on the blog in the next few days.

Updated March 29, 2023: The center armrest has now been installed for 6 years and the price has only increased moderately from €86 to €94. The quality is still flawless, and the backrest can also be recommended without reservation in long-term tests.

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    There are not only armrests but also a handbrake bag for my 9-3 I in beige leather. After 17 years, the broom-like cover of the hand brake lever does not look that great anymore. I ordered it right away. I'm curious how it fits. Thanks for the tip! I would never have found that without the Saabblog!

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    @ Alex: exactly!

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    With the 9000der through the cold season ???? With what else? What is better there? What's so questionable about that?
    The 9000der is always and everywhere! But I'm looking forward to the certainly very good article!

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    For an 9000 with automatic I find this solution quite worth considering, but what about the versions with manual transmission, the armrest disturbs?

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      Automatic 9k necessarily need an armrest, no question. Even with the switch it fits. I had little reservations before mounting. But the armrest fits as if it had been delivered from the factory. Nothing bothers.

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        Can you also fold the backrest to the back or is it stuck?

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          The backrest is screwed to the lid of the middle compartment and can be folded back with it.

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