Virtual Saab daydreams and the second chance for Opel

There are brands that stay alive forever. Because they are longing for brands and because you feel the desire to make a comeback - a new chance for something that was lost. Saab, the charismatic, small manufacturer from Trollhättan is at the top of the list of longing brands.

AiroX, the virtual Saab daydreams

Virtual Saab daydreams

And because Saab never lets go completely, has Gray design created a virtual Airo X study. With “Autonomous daydreams”, Castriota's Phoenix study from 2011 is reinterpreted and translated into the future.

The AiroX has little to do with classic Saabs, but more with the heritage and inspiration of an aircraft manufacturer. With movable wings and flaps, the design is more reminiscent of a jet that just happens to have 4 wheels. There are no chances that a virtual daydream could become reality.

The AiroX remains another dream of Gray Design, the longing for Saab. Like the Aero X that is in the Saab Museum. Or the Castriota study, which is parked somewhere in a NEVS hall. But you can dream, and maybe one day the famous second chance will come.

The second chance on Monday

It could come for a different brand in the coming week. It's not that she's one of the longing brands. Certainly not.

A press conference by PSA and GM on the sale of Opel and Vauxhall is announced in Paris on Monday afternoon. After the PSA Board approved the transaction last week, the change of ownership now seems imminent.

The licensing and pension obligations for employees are said to have been open points. We know the first point from Saab history, where not only the products, but also the production facilities in the plant were under GM license.

4 thoughts on "Virtual Saab daydreams and the second chance for Opel"

  • I think Opel should be happy to get away from GM. This offers the bottom line but much better future prospects than to remain under the thumb of GM.

  • Thanks for the sauna room. If you do not like him, you do not have to look at him.

  • well, of course you can put in any photoshop images a Saab logo. With two small changes to the radiator grille and the rear hockey stick then a Mazda design study out of it.

    I do not see any significant Saabiges here, just an X-any supercar, even if Saab is of course world famous for these models. Man.

  • Nice that there are still people who can not leave the subject SAAB.
    In any case, I believe that at some point there will be another chance for SAAB ...

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