SAAB Dates May 2017

Saab fans are spoiled for choice in May. Saab meeting at the Oldtimer gas station in Hamburg, or the Saab Saturday of the Saab friends Osnabrück? Difficult. There are even more dates to discover in our calendar, which is always supplemented with new events.

Saab meeting Hamburg 2016


Stammtisch Cologne-Bonn

We hereby invite all interested Saab drivers to the Stammtisch meeting! We always meet on the first Thursday of each month from 19.00h at the ASADO Restaurant & Bar, Baumschulenweg in 51107 Köln-Königsforst

The steak restaurant is conveniently located on the A3, exit Königsforst.

Stammtisch Karlsruhe

the next Stammtisch is coming! This time we meet at the 4.5. and as usual at 19 clock. I reserved a table for the "Saab Stammtisch" at Carl's Wirtshaus on the slaughterhouse in Karlsruhe.

I am looking forward to all known and new faces!


2.SAAB meeting at the Oldtimer petrol station Hamburg

Dear Saab friends, this year again a SAAB meeting at the GROSSTANKSTELLE BRANDSHOF - better known as Oldtimer petrol station Hamburg - instead of. The operator has already confirmed the date on 06.05.2017 (parallel to the port birthday).

Homepage of the gas station with various information:
Further information will follow.


SAAB friends Erftkreis

Spring awakening, more information at the Sabbfreunden

SAAB Club Austria

Spring departure SAAB Club Austria in the fahr (T) raum Erlebniswelt to Mattsee. More information at


Stammtisch Münster

We meet always on the first Monday of the month at 19.30 clock, in the Pizzeria Lido, at the Germania brewery 4, 48159 Münster


Stammtisch Ostwestfalen Lippe

We meet every second Saturday of the month 15: 00 clock in the restaurant Bartholdskrug, Hellweg 6 in 33813 Oerlinghausen

SAAB friends Münster - exit

Dear Saab friends from Münster, as already announced about 4 weeks ago, the exit on the 13.05.2017 to Lemgo becomes more concrete.

We join 11.00 clock: Peter Wakeham, Oberluher Weg 2, D-32657 Lemgo-Lürdissen

Peter built a road-legal racing car himself. For the most interested he offers a short ride.

He can offer a passenger a medium-sized helmet. If you have a larger head circumference, bring your own motorcycle helmet. A goggle is also recommended.

13.00 clock lunch at: Jadegarten, Lagesche St. 15, D-32657 Lemgo-Hörstmar, Buffet 11,00 € per person

15.00 pm visit the museum of sports and racing cars, d. small Lemgoer Industrieweg 4, D-32567 Lemgo, Admission 5,00 €, leadership 40,00 € for the group, Dr. Ing. Räker can lead the lead himself if necessary.

Please register with Doodle, so I know who has the time and desire for the day. Under this link:


Stammtisch Hamburg / Schleswig-Holstein

We meet for Stammtisch as always from 19.00 clock.

LUSTIS 53,6 GmbH & CO. KG, Iindustriestrasse 10 in 22869 Schenefeld



Stammtisch Osnabrück

Our regulars' table is as usual every 3.Monday in the month from 19.00 clock. Inn "Busch" in Atter, Eikesberg 51, 49076 Osnabrück


Stammtisch Rhein-Ruhr

We meet at each 3. TUESDAY each month at the Hotel & Restaurant "Am Kreuz", Ernestinenstrasse 116, 45141 Essen

We start at 19: 30 clock. For our regulars' table we have a separate room.

As always, we're excited about new faces, whether 96, 99 or 9-3 or even 9-5 II.

Anyone interested in our brand, whether with or without Saab, are welcome. Contact:


Spring trip Stammtisch Hannover - Braunschweig

If you still want to ride, the blog will forward your requests directly to the organizer !! So, please remember to pre-order for dinner and have a look at the 20. May be happy. Who has questions, please report. who comes from Hannover, at the 20. May start at 8.25 clock from Lake Lehrter.

All others meet at 10.00 at the Paläon in Schöningen. Until then, it greets the Homo-Saabiens


Stammtisch Heidelberg / Weinheim

The change with the Karlsruher Saab colleagues has been well recorded, so that we meet in Mannheim every two months on Wednesdays in the last full week at 19: 00 clock in Lindbergh in Mannheim (airport).

Stammtisch BI / OWL

Dear SAAB friends

After the meeting is before the meeting. Since many have no time for the last weekend in May, we do

SAAB meeting on Wednesday the 24 May before Ascension Day

Meet each other 19: 30 In the clubhouse of the Westphalian Golf Club Gütersloh, Gütersloher Str. 127 in 33397 Rietberg

Who ever wants to take a look, here the internet address:

The two Bielefelder with the yellow 93 convertible are welcome. Like everyone else


Stammtisch SAAB friends Lippe / Lower Rhine

Wann: Every last Friday of the month (except December and January, since closed !!!)

Where: in 46487 Wesel - Büderich, Rheinallee 30. Hotel - Restaurant "Wacht am Rhein" Tel. 02803 / 8029811,

time: always from approx. 19-19: 30 clock

Who: All Saab drivers in general!

Also other vintage car enthusiasts without Saab and other brands are always happy to join in exchange and the like. We do not see that so closely!

Everyone is welcome. As a rule, there are about 95% Saabfaher,

5% are Borgward, DKW, Opel, Beetle, Subaru and other interested parties.

Contact: JZabel, Dachsbau 4, 45721 Haltern am See (NRW), Tel. 02364 / 68733,,

Other: Looser exchange, and everyone is technically helped as well as possible, or who should be looking for a Saab, too! We are a relaxed and welcome troupe.


Stammtisch Koblenz

We meet for the Stammtisch every last Wednesday of the month in 56191 Weitersburg in the Wüstenhof from 19: 30 pm.

Stammtisch Giessen / Marburg / Wetzlar

we meet every last Wednesday of the month from ca.19: 30 in Fernwald-Steinbach in the restaurant Edelweiss (in the community center).

Not only those from the Gießen region but also Saab drivers from Marburg are.


Do you have a regular meeting, a club night, a meeting or a Saab event planned?

We like to publish! Please send your Saab appointment to: appointment (sa)

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  • I had suggested letting all Saabs in ... Especially the last vehicles are rare, and always a magnet for the visitors. Let's see how the organizers decide.

  • I think it's a pity that at the classic car filling station HH again only SAAB are admitted in front of GM. At least the 902 would have deserved it, after all, he was built in parallel to the 9000 CS and is also 98% in the Youngtimer age. He probably will not blow up the parking space ;-).

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