Retrofit DAB + in the Saab 9-5 NG

The last Saab 9-5 generation was also available as an option with DAB reception. Then came DAB + and the frustration among buyers who had paid the surcharge for the DAB system was great. Because both standards use different coding methods. And DAB + is backwards compatible. But not the other way around.

DAB + conversion for the Saab 9-5 NG.

DAB + Digital Radio for the Saab 9-5 NG

For the Saab 9-5 NG, DAB + was never a possible option in the surcharge lists. Now, 6 years after the end of production, a digital solution is also available for the last Saab that rolled off the production line in Trollhättan. That's unusual after such a long period of time. But the last 9-5 generation has a special position anyway, as you can see from the prices for good vehicles.

The solution is fully integrated into the vehicle's audio system, DAB + reception can be controlled via the usual menu navigation, all functions are retained.

In Germany DAB + is widespread, the network coverage along the highways is 96%, in the rest of Germany at 90%. The reception of the digital radio is superior to the analogue offer, additional services are possible. Norway is now completely switching to the new technology, our neighbors in Switzerland want to follow the time corridor between 2020 and 2024.

The first conversion to digital radio for a 9-5 NG was carried out last week in Kiel. At the Lafrentz car dealership, a customer's Saab from Norway was brought up to the latest standard. The last big Saab is thus fit for the future, and its owner can continue to follow the latest radio reports in all regions of Norway.

The Car dealership Lafrentz offers the conversion to digital reception, which takes approximately 5 hours, for a fixed price of 990,00 €. The conversion is possible for vehicles that had previously DAB on board, as well as for Saab 9-5 NG without DAB ex works.

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    Hi Tom,
    Dear Saab driver of a 9-5 NG:
    The DAB + accessory described above by Tom has been in my vehicle since the December of 2016. Details can be supplied to you by my garagist Mr. Matthias Krauer, 8493 Saland. Phone No. + 41 52 394 16 94. Or,
    The DAB Plus works perfectly and is integrated in the system.

    A happy Saab driver for 46 years.

    Greetings Patrick

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    only for 9-5NG or also for 9-3 (from year of construction? Radio or Navi requirement? Integrated or Add On via Aux)

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      There should be solutions for the entire Saab fleet. The information is not yet official, details we do not know yet.

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      Short Info: Orio will launch a DAB + retrofit solution for Saab.

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        Thanks for the feedback, I'm curious (especially on the price)

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    I have been using DAB + for many years, so far almost always with retrofit devices, currently with factory radio. Since then I have never consciously listened to FM again - with stations that broadcast on FM and DAB +, you hear little or no difference when automatically switching between DAB + and FM. But I mostly listen to a pure DAB + station and I have no more breaks here! In addition, the VHF transmitters reduce the transmission power, the VHF reception will not improve in the next few years because everyone is finally concentrating on DAB +. Apart from additional functions such as cover pictures, news and traffic information, some of which come via DAB +, the sound is simply great! From me, therefore, a clear recommendation for DAB +!

    For the Saab 9-5, I would be interested to know where the DAB + module came from? A complete control integration into the existing system is of course very comfortable. Does the retrofit only on models that had already installed the factory DAB receiver or in general to all systems?

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      The solution works from all systems in the 9-5 NG, not only those already equipped with DAB. I have concretised the text in this regard.

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    Good that it exists. However, I'm extremely skeptical about DAB. In the UK that has been pulled through and people have a lot of problems, from higher battery consumption on mobile devices, over time delays (no more time stamps or football life tracking), over complete demolition of the program below a reception threshold (with VHF one can still hear something) , to stingy stations that save so in the transfer rate that the sound is worse than at VHF.

    I would like to wish for FM of the expansion of RDS (there is now RDS2), but that will probably not come

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