Saab Festival 2017. The pre tour is fully booked.

All starting positions for the now 3. Pre tour from Kiel to Trollhättan are fully booked. On the 8. June from 13: 00 pm, participants meet on the grounds of the Saab Center. This year, the Trollhättan brand is celebrating its 70 anniversary. It will be interesting to see what the Saab Museum is preparing for the occasion.

Saab Festival 2010. At the main portal.

The confirmations to participate in the tour, so far not sent, will be received by the participants in the coming days. Queries on the process and participation answers that Saab center, Of course, we will report on the blog when the festival's official program is online. We also reveal the design of the Rally Plates in the preparation phase and what surprises there might be.

The tour to Sweden will be repeated this year by the Orio Germany GmbH, the supplier of Saab original spare parts.

What awaits the readers in the new week on the blog?

At the end of March 2011, 6 years ago, production in Sweden ended, including the short episode when the new Saab 9-5 generation rolled off the assembly line. We take the opportunity and align the week almost completely with the last big Saab. What he was, what could have been ...

We will not be bored! Things come up that the blog has never written about. In addition, we take a serious topic on Tuesday and say goodbye to things that have accompanied the blog so far.