Saab 9-5 NG. The exclusive Swede.

Mark and I met Heiko through Saab. And more correctly, we would not know each other without Saab. Because there are no points of contact, neither from the age nor the profession. Only Saab. And that connects.

In Arctic White ...

Heiko keeps saying that I brought him to the brand - which I don't quite see. He would have found Saab without me. After a 9-3 Aero sport combi it was time for a 9-5 NG. The selection is not extensive, and if you have special requests, it quickly becomes tight. The Saab dream should of course have the right color. Arctic White, a sunroof and the thick V6 Turbo under the hood.

The exclusive Swede in Arctic White

Coincidentally, a 9-5 Turbo 6 Aero XWD was for sale nearby, also in the configuration requested by Heiko, only a navigation system was missing. The history of the vehicle was known. Sold as a new car by the Saab Center Dresden, it then also went to the second owner from the Dresden branch in 2015. Now, a year later, the Saab was for sale at an independent dealer.

"Flag dealers" are always such a thing. But, and that's the bitter truth, more and more Saabs can be found there. Because brand dealers see a Saab as a problem and then pass it on. Active Saab partners buy the worthwhile copies, remedy maintenance backlogs and defects and sell them on.

In the case of the 9-5 NG, which was for sale in Halle, the history was completely understandable. The mileage is correct, the maintenance history can be called up. Small defects and dents remain in the paint and a defective light bar. Heiko went on a test drive with Mark. Great chassis, a silky smooth automatic, powerful engine was the result. Logical that Heiko had to have the Saab ...

The price: 19.000,00 € including a second wheel set with turbine wheels. That's fine, I think. Since then there is one more lucky Saab driver who has found his dream car. He has a permanent smile on his face and thus the sign of an incipient dependency.

Saab Turbo for the most beautiful days

As first car Heiko and his family use a 9-5 combi chrome goggles, the NG sedan is reserved for the most beautiful days of life.

Since the purchase Heiko has done minor work on the Saab on their own. Liquids replaced, filters replaced, new spark plugs, cavity seal. Two rims still need to be in the rim clinic. So far so good. And he was allowed to gain experience. That not every Saab partner also has 9-5 NG competence, for example.

The 9-5 Aero in Arctic White will accompany Heiko for many years. As a collector's item, less as a vehicle for everyday life. It was his last Saab he bought. He says. I can not quite believe that.

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  • Thanks for the congratulations. He spent about 2 months in Halle. I said to my wife that I just want to look at him. That he would soon be in our garage, she had already guessed. Anyway, he gets the love that was denied to him until now.

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    I am happy that the white limousine has remained roughly in the region - I looked at it more often at the dealer where it was for sale for a long time last year (in Pirna, on the B172) and adored it as I drove by - it was always presented particularly chic, it said on the larger turbine aluminum rims, illuminated in the dark, uiiii. I suspect at the time the “missing” large screen was the main reason that the specimen stood for so long.
    I was surprised that the car reappeared in Halle a few weeks ago - it wasn't there that long. Its continued life may now be a little quieter - it is definitely a beautiful specimen.

    Greetings within Saxony!

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    Congratulations to Heiko on his election and hopefully many unforgettable and above all carefree journeys with his dream Saab. The jealous glances are certain to him !!! Also, the assistance in the purchase decision of Mark, I think great ... So I imagine the cohesion in a community. You've done everything right ... .. Must look tonight in my garage for my convertible and look forward to the summer ;-).

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    Great Aero! Congratulations to the new owner!

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    A few weeks ago, my father and I were able to make the experience that a very good Saab can also be found at a “fan shop”. An almost fully equipped 9-5NG TID, with rear seat entertainment, was at a small car workshop with a small used car sales on the southern outskirts of Vienna. For the first two days the car was advertised on the Internet without pictures, at first I thought something might be wrong or this car doesn't even exist. (We also had this experience years ago, also with a Saab convertible, but back then we didn't even have a Saab). Then the pictures came and we were very interested in the car.
    Saturday we stood at the yard, and the dealer told us he sold the car an hour ago. We were unfortunately too late. And now saw that the new owner was already at the car dealership Lafrentz. I already congratulated the new owner, now I am doing it again. Always good trip with the most beautiful and unique car that you can have.

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      In addition to 3 other Saab's, I drive a 9-5 NG Aero, Turbo6 XWD, deer, unfortunately without a sunroof and unfortunately already 146.000 km on the (admittedly beautiful) hump. The 9-5 is almost only used on long-haul routes, mostly on German autobahns or in Eastern Europe, and then quite quickly. For me the best touring car, great seats, safe and fast, relatively quiet and very rare and exclusive. For me, subjectively, a really carefree and well-being package. And I can do without the latest electronic helpers. Unfortunately I had to invest in a timing chain change and a new Haldex differential after about 120.000 km (€ 10.000).
      In order to save on the 9-5 NG Km, I have for shorter distances now a chrome sports glasses, 2.0t Biopower, with 210 Hirsch PS including Hirsch suspension laughed at. First owner, cherished and cared for by a pensioner, a real nice and pleasant to drive.
      Thus I solved the annoying follow-up problem for my 9-5 NG at least temporarily.
      Service and spare parts were not a problem until today, in my area there is a very fantastic SAAB workshop and for special work I go occasionally to Hirsch to St. Gallen.
      So I'm a pretty happy and satisfied “Saabist” with my cars. And I have no desire for any other brand.

      • Is the V6 in the 9-5 NG actually a Saab proprietary development or is it also purchased or from the Holden shelf? I come to the timing chain 😉

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