Saab youngtimer in winter. A self-experiment (2 / 2)

Anyone who moves an old car should have a certain tolerance and the willingness to repair minor defects themselves. Even a Saab Youngtimer is ready for some surprise, especially if it is moved in everyday life.

Anna in the winter. The Saab loves snow and ice

The defects are striking.

The first weeks are up Anna project unproblematic. Well, somehow I wonder what I'm doing here. I'm not sure if old lovers' cars are on the street even in winter. But I would never admit that to the family and friends watching the project with suspicion.

The 9000 seems to be on my side. He braces himself until the defect devil occurs. First, an engine of the central locking gets out. Not to 100%, but again and again and more often. Locked or not - is the question.

I do not like the games, and I can not stand it if something does not work. So I swap the broken part. This is fast, is also done by the layman. Instructions will follow soon on the blog.

A few days later, the next defect surprises. When activating the high beam, it lights up red in the pictogram. Red is not good, I think. But the high beam does what it should. It glows. All right then.

The game repeats the Saab with me for a few days. Red pictogram. But great high beam.

I do not understand what my car wants from me, and my car does not understand why I'm not responding. The 9k loses patience with me, and radicalizes itself. A headlamp finally exits, but only in high beam mode. The dipped beam continues to work.

Why is it? Cheap headlights, broken bulb? No, the lamp module is defective and will be replaced. Since then there is silence and the Saab rolls on as if nothing had happened.

Saab and cold and snow

Winter brings some really cold days. The temperature falls temporarily below minus 10 degrees Celsius. That does not impress the old Saab in the least. But on the contrary. The turbo likes cold air, and one has the feeling that the Saab lets the Swede hang out. Most of the time he hangs on the Calix heater and then jumps playfully easy. The automatic climate blows already on the first few meters her lukees breeze, better it is not. Only the seat heating takes some time until the heat is felt. In 9000 was still good, thick leather processed. That also has disadvantages.

On such days the 9k creaks in the entablature and one senses his age. But traction on snow is in a class of its own. The engine and transmission package, which rests compactly on the drive axle, ensures good forward movement. Without electronic helpers on the way. the Saab likes snowy, uncluttered roads. He is Swede through and through.

Saab and versatility

The 9000 comes from another time when cars were still constructed for the purpose and not to gratify vanities. He spoils with space without end. You can be on the road with 4 friends and luggage, and in the hardware store you can load the trunk so full that SUV owners are green with envy. And you can, in contrast to simulated SUV, pull real trailer. No small hardware store toys, but the things for real men. What attracts attention when you are traveling with a classic car and a two-axle vehicle loaded with furniture. Or just transported a ton of gravel.

The Saab can pull 1.8 tons, and he does it with flying colors. Its detachable trailer hitch from the factory is very easy to use, once you have seen through the system - or has found the instructions under the spare wheel cover.

Youngtimer in the winter. Yes or no?

An old car is and remains an old car. Nevertheless, he was reliable, without serious defects. But after 400 kilometers in the 9000, my back hurts. Because I'm no longer 20, and the Saab is almost 20. And I sense that the Saab loses much of its magic when used daily. The attraction of the particular is lost when using a car every day. Moreover, he is to me, after months in self-experiment, too bad a winter car. I fear for his metal when I get stuck in a hectic rush.

On the other side, cars like the 9000 were built for driving. Not just in good weather, but for everyday, robust use. To use a product as long as possible, to maintain it, is resource conservation and lived sustainability. And beyond the mainstream, who wants to tell us something different.

How do you see the readers on the blog? Should Youngtimer on the road in winter, or would they be better off in dry halls? I'm looking forward to the answers.

Saab youngtimer in winter. Is that possible?

  • Yes! Because they were built for that. (76% 132 Votes)
  • No! Old metal should be saved. (24% 41 Votes)

Total Voters: 173

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  • A Youngtimer loses its appeal when you drive it daily. Or not. I've been driving Saab for 25 years, from 99er to 900, 9000, 9-3 to 9-5. Also, I drove 2 Winter 9000er and I have to admit that sometimes you look at life through the pink Saab glasses. But an 9000er is more than a car. Never has a winter car been so much fun as my 96er 9000 2.0 do with Hirsch controller. 286 tkm, velor seats with great lateral support and perfect seat heating, torque to grin. No tax looping like a new Golf. It was a nice winter. A very beautiful.
    Meanwhile, an 2002er 9-3er has succeeded him. 185 PS, 240 tkm, a "GM". No, it's not 9000er, but a great car. It accompanies me every day, undeterred pulling its tracks and giving me a sense of well-being as only a Saab can. I do not know how he does it, but he does it. And I can only say that he does not lose, but gets more and more attractive the more you drive him. He was also built as a car and I am glad that he does not satisfy my vanities. Because he does not scratch the surface, but touches me deeply in the heart. Day after day. I'm breaking up now because I have to go right now. And I'm looking forward to it. And how. Saab: more than a car!

  • Very well written! That's what comes out of my mind ... An 9000 is and always will be a cool car.

  • Hi Tom,

    I drive only 9000er in winter and can not imagine anything better.

    For me, the charm does not fly, even if my 91er CC had locked me this winter because of an icy door lock. At the moment I cursed quite a bit, but then after thawing all the locks were neatly looked after. I would have to stop before the winter.

    And to the LampControl I say only that in the modern cars much more electronics is in it, which can fail. That's almost whining at a high level.


  • A great article, great!
    Since you get excited about more young, old and new timer.

  • Hello Tom and revered Saab community, First of all great to drive the 9000er in winter. If I would do with mine too, but since he has been rehabilitated before metal, I dare only in the salt-free time. But I drive a 9-5 Aero SC from 2002 the whole year, which is not that dappling anymore. In any case, I am also an advocate of driving old vehicles (Saabs as long as it is) for known reasons .... So continue driving .... Greetings from Thuringia

  • Why should normal utility cars like a Saab 900 and 9000 or 9-3 and 9-5 remain idle in winter?
    Then you see even less Saab in the street, at some point only at meetings. With a sonnet makes sense because of the not so good everyday life and its real rarity. But already a 99 is a great winter car.

    Keep the Saab on the road as much as possible in recent years, where cars with combustion engines are still allowed and affordable to maintain. That will look different in 20 years, more and more electric cars will drive.
    Do not wait until your Saab are only museum pieces but use the time now.

    • At the moment, the vote shows a clear trend for winter operations.

  • Hi Tim,

    Thank you for your interesting report about "Anna" ......... ..naturally, the 9000er and all other Youngtimer are built to use them daily ....... I drive since December 2016 with growing enthusiasm also an 9000er in his favorite discipline "Langstrecker" and I am happy about the versatility of my "Silverfish" ...... once with 125 km / h, cruise control and under 9 ltr. Consumption and then about the revving of the "true turbo", when the colleagues of the TDI faction sit back in my trunk, their "light-honing test" pull through, although it just stops in front of me and then I can feel properly in appropriate traffic conditions when accelerating , how with increasing distance to them also their jaw falls further down ............ .this and much more one could not learn, if only on Sundays with the freshly washed Youngtimer with sunshine a round around the church tower drives.

    • Sorry for the typo, TOM !!

  • I think Tom wants to lure us out of the reserve and provoke us.
    For me, the 9000 has not lost its charm since 28 years, and after driving in other cars, I'm always happy when I'm in my 9000.

    Of course, at the age of some components have exceeded their expiration date. I also know that with the light and climate relays, or exhausted carbon brushes on the interior fan. But these are peanuts compared to modern cars. If you listen to how often a climate relay switches, the lifetime is phenomenal! Not to mention the practicality of everyday life, I know the building market scenes (also with trailer). The looks are great.

    For me (with 195 cm), the seats are still the measure of things, because no one can get it. The leather seats in the 902 are also top. If I have a hard day in the garden or similar behind me and the back logs in, I drive to relax for an hour 9000 or 902. I always say therapy trip to it! Helps me really.
    One leg last week was 900 Km, I'm tired but exhausted.
    On the first few meters in winter I sometimes think too, old car. Once everything has operating temperature, the sounds are gone and the world is fine.

    • If so, my operation would be successful. The back pain but stay. What may be in an almost 20 year old car yes, and probably more on my even older back.

      • That's too bad because it spoils the whole trip. Is that in your other 9000 (eg the beautiful blue Anni) that way?

        • Not really. In the midnight blue everything is better, although it is (actually) the identical seats. The mileage is similar, both were built on the same day in Trollhättan. And even more comfortable I feel the old plush chairs in the CS.

          • There they are again, the different characters of the 9000 that you described some time ago. The beige seats are from ELMO and the black ones from BoW, is that possibly the reason? Have these suppliers built the whole seat (upholstery), or just supplied the leather upholstery? I also notice a difference with my two, but he does not make such a negative impression on me. I've always pushed it to the higher mileage of BoW seats, but it may not be.

          • GM sold the Saab seat production to Lear in the early 90 years. The then made all Saab seats to 2011 in Trollhättan.

            ELMO plays in a different league than BoW, which is already noticeable in a direct comparison. ELMO leather is luxury, BoW very good leather but much less valuable. The seats themselves should be identical. However, one can not rule out differences in the Saab madness in the 90 years also differences.

  • The orange LampControl part in the relay box is just not a relay, just electronics.
    And there are just "cold" solder joints (connector board with electronics board).
    Have already solved at least 5x such quirks.
    Should you know before buying overpriced spare parts.
    Greeting SAAB 9-5 2.3t driver Klaus

    • Maybe you should put it this way: Throw away nothing, because a repair is worthwhile. And if it's just the re-soldering on the board?

      • Right Tom,

        re-soldering is (for me) no problem.
        You just have to make the troubleshooting, for example when the main beam does not work on one side.
        Find a right car but it is worthwhile to find mistakes.
        And subsequently ventilated front seats to install and wire etc.

        Greeting SAAB 9-5 2.3t driver Klaus

  • I would tie it to the state. if I drive a Youngtimer in the winter. The better the condition, the less I would be inclined to do so. Or, in other words, the more valuable the SAAB, the more I would leave it in the underground car park.
    If I look at the vote, that is not the opinion of the majority

  • Hello Tom

    I am amazed that no more defects have occurred. In and of itself, such an 9000er is the perfect cast for winter operation. Plenty of space, comfortable travel, front-wheel drive, Swedish design (Calix) ... and yet, I first spared my 9000er winter operation and started it in my first year of ownership. In the next 2 weeks, the 9000er will find his way back to the road and I hope that the winter break did not hurt him ... I am not sure, if after 5 months still everything will do as it should or if it should be many colorful lamps shine ... actually such a 9000er is indeed a long-distance car ...

    • I'm confident about that. Our 9k in the hangar are only sporadically moved and do not mind that. The electronics are more robust than you would expect. I keep my fingers crossed for the start of the season!

  • Hello

    Thank you for the honest and comprehensive report.

    I also think that rare or high-quality Saab have nothing to look for in winter.

    Actually, every Saab is worthy of protection, but as other people have written before me, Saab feel particularly comfortable with ice and snow.

    I myself drive a 98 9-3 in daily use. It's an 2,0i with my own converted Aero Interior.
    A few years ago, in December, I was yelled at by a stranger in a parking lot about how I could do that. He was of the opinion that the Old Swede was too bad for the winter.
    So here are the opinions.
    I can fully share Tom's experiences. Only those who like to ventilate the hood and do a bit dirty, should drive Youngtimer. Of course, the beauty suffers over the years as well.
    Therefore, my opinion: If your Aero is too bad for the winter, buy yourself a simply equipped all-rounder and you get saabig through the winter.

    PS Michelin Alpine are the best winter slippers for the Saab.

  • If you own several Saab, it might make sense to assign one of them to winter service. Otherwise, I plead for the salt-free time to preserve the value of the bodies. My two H-plates do not even see wet! This strategy helps me maintain the brand in the street, because winter is more accident-prone. If Borgward or drivers of other lost brands had consistently moved their cars in the winter, then today, virtually all of them would have already died out.

  • Do you want to ski or drive in winter?

    I have an 9000 that already showed traces of the years when I bought it. The is technically maintained and protected from further deterioration if possible (as far as that is possible in quasi-exclusive winter operation) - and driven as a winter car.
    The other - almost as new - 9000 had to endure even at the first owner no salt and I will spare him as possible. As well as the convertible and the classic cars.

    If you consider what costs a new car, would be the alternative from winter and summer Youngtimer probably still the cheaper (because loss of value-free) alternative. And the far more sustainable too. The resources that a new car consumes during production have to be traversed by a young-timer in the factory.
    And if it is then as reliable in operation as in this report (which I can fully confirm from experience), this option seems to me to be the only logical one, at least for me!


  • An 9000er for me was the best Saab Man has built.
    Great, great to drive. and always ready for action. These cars can and must be maintained well but can be driven all year round. What would be said about leather is synonymous 100% correct. Never has Man used such a Kwalitaet leather anymore.

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