Saab Original Spring Offers 2017

Spring is here, the season begins. In addition to the Saabs for everyday life, many vehicles spent the last few months in dry, sheltered parking spaces. At the latest on the coming weekend, they are allowed back on the road.

Saab Original Spring Offers 2017

Saab Original Spring Offers 2017

What could be better than scheduling a visit to the Saab Partner? Take time for an inspection, have the Saab checked and correct any defects. The Saab Original spring offers 2017 are aimed exactly in this direction.

For Saab 9-3 and 9-5 Orio has put together a package of consumables and accessories at an affordable price. Inside are floor mats, wiper blades, emblems and thus the things that could possibly use an exchange after the winter season. There are also brakes, oils and much more at a special price. As usual, Orio grants a 3 year guarantee on all “Saab Original” spare parts. An important unique selling point in comparison to the competition.

Collector's Edition Saab Caps

For registered members of the Saab Service Club Orio offers an exclusive gift. The latest idea from Eschborn is a collector's edition with two different Saab Caps. From a parts or workshop invoice of at least 100,00 € there is a Saab cap for free at all participating dealers. The Saab collector cups, previously available only to club members, are now available through Saab Partners.

Saab Original is important. 3 year guarantee Orio's promises are a weighty reason to have your Saab serviced by an authorized Saab partner. It's nice when you think of the little details in Eschborn. Because they make the difference and ensure that we feel that we are in good hands.

In addition to the flyer for the Saab Original spring offers, the customer will also find a “Saab Original” mirror trailer in his car after the inspection. This ensures that specially trained and experienced staff have taken care of your Saab. What should be a promise for many more, carefree and relaxed kilometers in a Saab.

Further information on the spring offers can be found on the Orio websites for Germany, Austria and the Schweiz.

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