Blog in a state of emergency. Festival program online.

The last few days were tough! Our Saab Fan Shop closes on March 31.03st. - and the flood of parcels with lousy content doesn't stop. For the Trollig team, this means a state of emergency. The articles have to be put together, well packed, invoices are invoiced, the shipments have to be sent to the shipping company.

Saab Tin Signs: Saab Parking and Saab Scania

Saab Tin Signs available for the last time

In a nutshell: We are at the limit. 3 days left, then we made it. The camp empties rapidly, and that's a good thing. Yesterday we were able to book some rarities in the system and save us from the manufacturer even the last Saab metal signs. The Saab parking signs with the Jet symbol and the Saab-Scania tin sign are available in small quantities for the last time.

While we clear a camp, which somehow saddens us, the world of course continues to turn. The Saab Bil Museum has its Programme for the International Saab Festival 2017 online. And that has some pretty interesting points.

Program Saab Festival 2017

The festival pre-program starts at the 6. June, the Swedish national holiday. The traditional rally of the Swedish Volvo Club leads from the Volvo Museum on Hisingen to Trollhättan to the Saab Museum. Experience shows that Saab density is higher than the number of Volvos at this event. Although Volvo is of course the much bigger brand.

On Thursday and Friday is at Bildelslagret Trollhättan parts sale, which should be comparable to the rich offer on earlier Saab times. NEVS opens the former Saab factory for the fans on Friday. It will be exciting what is shown.

The Saab AB is the first flag on the festival. After appearing on the IntSaab 2016, it seems that more and more of its roots are being remembered and is getting closer to the automobile heritage. The proximity of Saab AB and Saab Automobile AB has not existed in the last difficult years. The more exciting it is that things change. What could possibly be related to the fact that the Saab AB is newly positioned in the automotive business.

As of today, there is no Saab Dinner on Saturday evening. This too was a tradition in Trollhättan for many years. The great Erik Carlsson, unforgotten athlete and entertainer, inspired the audience with Saab anecdotes during the dinner. To follow in his footsteps is difficult, and apparently nobody finds himself willing to do so.

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  • from NEVS I hope at least the conception of the NEVS 9-3. Would be a statement on the Saab anniversary.

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