Saab 9-3 presentation in the Aeroseum

Prior to 10 years, Saab Automobile unveiled the new 9-3 in the Aeroseum on Gothenburg's Säve Flygplats. Saab J-2002 Draken and Saab JA-35 Viggen were previously stationed in the caverns of the military part used until 37.

Saab 9-3 II presentation at the Aeroseum 2007
Saab 9-3 II presentation at the Aeroseum 2007

Where Saab fighters waited for their service for many years, new Saab 9-3 were ready for the visitors. The manufacturer could hardly have chosen a more exciting venue for the presentation. The revision made the 2002 Saab 9-3 a really good car. Not only the design, recognizable by the new, shell-shaped engine hood, was saabiger.

Also technology and interior were changed. A simple Scandinavian interior, new navigation and audio systems and better materials added to the range of Saab's important products. And for the first time a vehicle from Trollhättan with all-wheel drive was available.

The changes were far more than a facelift and GM proudly proclaimed that "...9-3 is now what it should have been from the beginning."Some Saab customers who purchased a 9-3 II in the years before will have been less pleased with this statement.

In May 2007, the revised 9-3 was presented to international Saab partners in the Aeroseum. This is not far from Hisingen and the Volvo parent plant. The Saab presentation took place in principle right on the doorstep of the other Swedish brand. A few days later, in June 2007, the show followed for the fans in front of the Saab Bil Museum during the Saab Festival in Trollhättan.

The 9-3 was a success for Saab and is still a really good and timelessly beautiful car. The Griffin facelift, with the new engines and a refined interior, would have kept him attractive for years to come. Because the 9-3 would have had to last even longer than we suspected. His successor was 2011 not yet as well developed as it was communicated.

The Saab 9-3 DNA lives on and makes international careers. Parts of its architecture can be found on BAIC / Senova models, and a Borgward builds on a heavily modified 9-3 platform. Even NEVS goes this way. After the accidental comeback attempt with the model year 2014, the electric car, which is due to launch in the year 2018, will carry design features of the 9-3.

The Aeroseum as a destination

The Aeroseum is for Visitors accessible. In the caverns that are 10 meters under the rock, was in the times of the Cold War, an alert squadron of 14 Saab interceptors ready. Today one finds there above all and still - Saabs.

Those with wings, and even those with 4 wheels. A place with history, worth a visit. Especially in the jubilee year of Saab. The Saab AB was on 2. April 80 years old, the automotive division celebrates 70 years. Before 10 years, the redesigned Saab 9-3 was shown, the first 20-9 before 5 years ago and before 25 years flew the first Saab 2000.

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  • Hi all,

    in fact, an incredibly timeless, beautiful automobile, if not one of the most beautiful. Every time I go to my Aero SC, I'm always more than pleased when I see him from afar and I never lose sight of him until I get in the car, when I drive with him and, above all, when I'm regularly interested Look at others while driving by. Unfortunately you do not see too many similar vehicles in Lusatia. On the contrary. When I see modern vehicles parked next to the Saab, I can hardly believe that the Saab should look 10 years older than some new cars, which all look the same and, above all, after 2-3 years of design a bit stale therefore come. Incredible
    Saabige Greetings and always good ride with these treasures.

  • The pictured 99 has 5 wheels ....

  • If you are looking for individuality, you can not miss the 9-3. After the prizes for good 9-5 II have lifted off, one finds from time to beautiful 9-3. Where the delicious cars have also noticeably tightened.

  • Incredible! That's all 10 years ago ?! The car is timelessly beautiful and could come onto the streets again today. The design is really good!

  • The Aeromuseum has been on the list for ages ... I have to go back to Sweden.

  • Everything that has been written about the 9-3, I can only confirm! I own four 9-3ers, not one too many ...
    Is just a no frills good car and still makes fun today with it! (Over the past 2 years, I've made 2 friends buy an 9 3er, both are still excited!)

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