Invitation. 5 years Saab Service Frankfurt.

Already 5 years ago, Gerard Ratzmann dared to take the step into self-employment. We had a very humorous then Interviewthat I remember well. Since then a lot has happened. The courage was worthwhile, because in the Frankfurt district Fechenheim a sympathetic success story is written.

3 x Saab 900, 1 x Saab 9000. Full workshop at Saab Service Frankfurt

The decision was not without risk. Who could predict where the Saab brand would be in 5 years? Would there be a restart, and who would want to drive a Saab in a few years? The restart, today we are smarter, stayed out. Saab, however, is still in demand in the Main metropolis.

The workshop on the site of the former Saab factory is always well booked, the waiting times are sometimes long. A competent team around Gerard Ratzmann takes care of all technical matters of young and classic Saabs.

Company founder and CEO Gerard Ratzmann has lost none of his Saab passion over the years. Legendary are his diagnostic abilities, which amaze me again and again. Its Saab collection, before 5 years ago, it was supposed 13 or 14 vehicles, has continued to grow, as has the customer base. The Saab Service Frankfurt is an important rock of the Saab culture in the greater Frankfurt area.

5 years Saab Service Frankfurt are a reason to celebrate.

Saab Service Frankfurt invites customers and Saab enthusiasts to a small get-together on the occasion of the anniversary. On the 20. May 2017 from 13: 00 Watch to 17: 30 Watch Gerard Ratzmann and his Saab Service Team are looking forward to many guests.

For the physical well-being will be taken care of. Registration is required, registration deadline is the 16.04.2017.

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  • 6. April 2017 at 11: 11 PM

    Good that there are courageous people.
    Does the sky-blue 9000 need matching spare parts for its front in the background? I still have the bonnet and fender from a slaughter (same model with rear damage). You are welcome to pass on my e-mail address, Tom.

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