NEVS electric car on winter testing

It has become quiet around NEVS. Since press spokeswoman Ulrika Hultgren left the company, the flood of information has dried up. A possible successor is not yet determined, the media presence is also very limited in the Swedish press.

NEVS 9-3 EV on winter test drive. Picture: NEVS

After there had been quiet for weeks on NEVS's own channels, a few days ago there were pictures of a 9-3 EV test vehicle on a winter drive. The background information on this is sparse and we have only a few facts.

The vehicle, registration number WOM 248, was produced as Saab 9-3 with automatic transmission of model year 2014. It carries the VIN VTNFM4VV8G9900003 and was approved in the summer 2016 as an electric car for testing.

NEVS electric car on E-Golf level?

An electric motor is used as the drive, providing up to 100 kW. The prototype is thus on par with an E-Golf, which can also call up up to 100 kW of power. The comparison is not without interest, because NEVS recently spoke of a range of 300 kilometers that the Golf has in series since its last update to the NEDC driving cycle. Volkswagen grants 200 kilometers as a realistic radius of action under everyday conditions, first test drives confirm that.

The empty weight of the Golf is 1.600 kilograms, the NEVS 9-3 weighs 1.825 kg. That is almost 4 quintals more than a well-equipped Saab 9-3 Aero sedan with V6 and XWD weighs. All that is known about the batteries is that they are from the Chinese manufacturer CATL who also supplies BMW and the PSA Group.

Everything is completely new under the sheet metal at NEVS. The underbody has been profoundly changed and has nothing to do with Saab and the 9-3 as we know it. One of the mysterious decision-making processes at NEVS is that the expensive design of the Saab 9-3 sedan is unlikely to be touched upon.

NEVS 9-3 EV. Production from 2018 in China.

The electric car, the NEVS, is being manufactured for the first time in December. 2013 is ready for production reported, from the year 2018 in Tianjin. The license for the plant was purchased with significant concessions to the Trollhättan site. The production and painting of the bodies will not take place in Sweden, but in China. Even a planned small series of electric cars in the old Saab plant in the stable backa seems off the table.

The production tools of the 9-3 will probably also go to China if NEVS does not rebuild them for the Tianjin plant. Thus, the company is right all skeptics who have critically accompanied the development of recent years.

There is still no production in sight for the traditional Saab plant. NEVS plans to present completely new models to 2020, which will then be built in China and Sweden. However, after almost 10 years of standstill, the old Saab factory could start again, according to the current status in Trollhättan only the biggest optimists believe.

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  • Ok thanks then we do it locally

  • If it comes to the Festival Pass, you can buy it in the museum on site.

  • Thank you so much. I saw that you can register there for the days. Can you still do this on site or in the anteroom?
    LG Chrissi

  • So far you did not need registration and I assume that this year will not change.

  • To call the design “very topical” is definitely a joke. Of course it is quite timeless, but of course everyone recognizes, inside and out, that it is no longer a “very modern” vehicle.

  • Hello Tom
    do you have to register for the visit to the Holy Halls on Friday? We are also from 8.06 in Trollhätten for the anniversary and would like to go to the holy halls

  • No good news! The technical data are not very impressive. Thanks for the interesting comparison to the VW.
    NEVS should perhaps consider selling the factory in THT to a manufacturer who can do more with the SAAB heritage.
    If the factory is running in China, it can be produced much cheaper there. Perhaps a final assembly with delivered components from China in THT would be conceivable in order to be able to stick “Made in Sweden” on it. But that would no longer be a fully-fledged factory.

  • I will definitely do that. That may be the last meal we can still see this work.

  • With the well-known silhouette of the 9-3 you can at least recognize that it is a product with Scandinavian roots.

    This will probably have been the main reason for NEVS, first to change the appearance of nothing.

    The design is still very modern - most of the new releases from other manufacturers have been given a rather inharmonious shape.

  • Electric car and winter test rides ???

    This can not have anything to do with the best / old SAABs.

    I'm getting old too, but with my old real gasoline car.

    A SAAB 9-5 2.3t combi driver

  • Well expressed. You can not write it better!

  • You are always torn. So far, so 70% hope for 30% skepticism, that's slow.
    Anyway, I'm like Bergsaab, my four still have enough running power reserves and a new burner is out of the question for me. But there are other manufacturers, the correct increase in the electric vehicles, must not be from Trollhättan. But certainly not from China!

  • What else is happening with nevs in sweden?

  • NEVS had opportunities and did not take advantage of them. In 2013 I liked the new edition of the 9-3. But folks, in 2018 still the same design and then as a new brand and electro? I'm breaking off ...

  • Whatever NEVS is planning: It is worth going to the previous Saab factory on Friday morning. A walk through the “holy halls” is always very exciting!

  • Completely new models (it's about time) from 2020 sounds good - if there really is to be production in Sweden as well as China, then even a new construction of a complete manufacturing facility could be planned in Sweden.

    If NEVS has already had a really brilliant start in China, the old and well-known brand name would still make sense for other markets - discussions with SAAB AB would certainly be easier to manage and conclude with a positive outcome than before, given a good business situation with rather bleak prospects.

  • Let's let the Saab Festival 2017 surprise us. NEVS invites you to the “old” factory.

  • It's a shame if the skeptics and the “I always knew” types are right. It would have been nicer otherwise.

  • .. well, every company has to face the constraints and earn money. Too bad for Sweden good for China.

    But I'll also wait for my SAABe to run out of time. After that, everything is open but combustion engines are kind of like yesterday ...

  • Suitable for spring ... winter test drives! 🙁
    Michael A. has left NEVS, press officer Ulrika Hultgren has left NEVS. At the moment I see “the old picture” of NEVS again: a lot of fog around the activities. Enthusiasm for new products looks different!
    I will wait. No emotion for NEVS.
    Thanks to Tom for the scant info.

  • Oh dear ... what a start to the week!
    Since I am one of those who had concluded with VMAB with SAAB as a new car supplier, it is a shame for the history and the workers, but I certainly would not have bought a NEVS SAAB (sorry).
    I prefer to take care of the scrap iron (9000) and old plastic (9-3 II) 🙂 and maybe one day there will be new SAABs from the name owner ... who knows ...
    For the next 4 years I have time to wait ... 🙂 and then full electric power !! 🙂 with TURBO 🙂

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