Powerful EBC brakes for the Saab 9-3 Aero

The Saab 9-3 Aero of the first series, as a relative lightweight and in connection with various Hirsch upgrades, brings sporty driving performance to the road. The Trollhättan Turbo is extremely strong, only the brakes spoil the driving pleasure a bit.

They do not meet the requirements of the constantly growing volume of traffic and are in disproportion to the sporty pull-through values. My 9-3 Aero got for this reason slotted discs from the Orio range. They brought improvement, but could not completely convince.

Saab Aero Coupe with EBC brakes in Obegoms
Saab Aero Coupe in Obegoms. Photo: Àkos

New EBC brakes in 9-5 Aero format

Reader Àkos took a different approach. We have been in contact for a long time and he was looking for a solution for his 9-3 Aero. After extensive research, he decided to upgrade to aero brakes in the size of the Saab 9-5, which have a diameter of 308 mm.

This was joined by new wishbones with Powerflex bushings, which should further improve handling. The perforated and slotted EBC brakes (Link) and the matching brake pads came from specialist dealers, who were also able to provide detailed advice on the subject.

An additional subframe and a steering rack clamp were already installed. The upgrade of the EBC brakes was carried out by the Saab specialist Michael Reichhold (Link) carried out. It should be noted that a Saab 9-3 Aero OG with new original wishbones feels relatively tight. With additional Powerflex bushings, the chassis becomes even harder by a few degrees, which Àkos also noticed.

And while the 9-3 Aero was now tight and very sporty, a feeling of dissatisfaction remained even after the conversion and plenty of running-in time. The pressure point of the 308 mm brakes was spongy and imprecise, although the braking performance as such was noticeably better.

It began the search for possible causes. Bleeding the brakes and checking for leaks gave no indication. In the following step, the master cylinder was replaced to exclude it as the cause of the error. After extensive test drive no change was noticeable.

Precise braking performance with new ABS pressure pump

The next point was to change the ABS pressure pump, and the Saab immediately delivered a precise pressure point when braking. The brake feel corresponds to that of a well-tuned, modern car. The Saab 9-3 Aero Coupe is now sporty on the road - with brakes that correspond to its driving performance, preferably where there are beautiful mountain roads and high passes to be experienced.

The picture of the article shows the Aero in Obergoms in the canton of Valais, near the Nufenen Pass at an altitude of 2.478 meters.

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  • blank

    Top Photo !! It remains and is a great coupe!

    Concerning. ABS pressure pump change: which part was taken - just a 9-3 orig. as a new part or from the 9-5?
    Thanks for further information - because the problem of the brake pressure point of the 9-3 is also current for me (despite conversion to a 308 disc).

  • blank

    Yes, the 9-3 Coupe is always fun to drive, unfortunately, as a fair weather vehicle in use, well, but not quite without salt weather in the annual operation. I can experience these qualities well in exchange for the 9-5 2.3T station wagon, which is also great fun.
    The picture is completely unretouched, the lighting conditions were very well fitting. With good ingredients you can easily compose something harmonious at the right moment.

  • blank

    Nice part. And a cool photo!

    In front of the color-neutral, calm but structured background, the classically simple lines of the coupé come to their best advantage.

  • The coupés from 99 to 9-3 are awesome ... 🙂

  • blank

    What does the MFK mean? Just change the brakes without an appraisal is impossible. The Green Stuff pads are not approved, but the Yellow stuff already.

  • blank

    Wow, Àkos has a really very chic car ... and “sporty” is certainly not flattered (just optically)! 🙂

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    I have my “deer” (max. 221 PS -Biopower) 9-3er Bj. 2008 with brake discs (perforated in front) and. Linings from Zimmermann Bremsen, plus steel braided brake lines from Spiegler. I am very satisfied, more “brake” is not possible in my opinion, except for the switch to racing parts.

    • Zimmermann would be pretty much the last thing I would screw on a Saab. Especially in the wet are nothing and like to start early to squeak. Steel flex pipes are already very good, especially when it comes to having a clean pressure point. A very stable combination are Tarox discs (F2000) with Ferodo pads, eg DS Performance. But it costs a little more than the colorful stuff of EBC.

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