stickers. Easter present for the community.

With the closure of our fan shop, dozens of emails ended up in my mailbox. It was also about Saab stickers and ideas on how to continue. And there were suggestions as to what you need as basic equipment in order to drive a satisfied Saab fan through the day. stickers. Take care of every Saab and everywhere else.

At the top of the list was the idea that we should finally bring stickers to the readers. Of course, Mark and I read all the e-mails and literally absorbed the ideas. And we got down to work immediately and ordered blog stickers.

We give away stickers!

Our in-house print shop was satisfied. Even after the shop production ran out, she feared that she would have to forego some shabby craziness in the future. But it goes on, and this week I was able to pick up the first stickers. We are giving them away as an Easter present to our readers, who can show that they like the blog and that Saabfahren stands for one thing above all: community, joy and passion for a small Swedish brand.

Saab Blog Stickers.

We always put two stickers in an envelope - while stocks last (large). The saabige stickers easily come to our readers' homes. Please send a sufficiently franked, correctly addressed envelope in DIN long format to:
St. Burkard Street 2
63768 Hoesbach

Of course, we also send the blog stickers to readers and Saab fans outside Germany. In Germany, a 0,70 € franking is sufficient (2 stickers weigh about 10 g), from abroad, of course, it is higher. Please always pay attention to a sufficient franking. We do not postpone!

We would like many Saab pictures!

The stickers are a gesture. A little Easter egg for the Saab community. We would be happy to receive pictures of the vehicles with stickers by email. The blog team then publishes a Saab picture gallery on the blog.

In addition, we have thought even more and have a second, rather exclusive surprise ready. The will, respect now comes the famous arc of suspense, be very Saabig and guaranteed desires trigger. Many, but not everyone, will be able to own them.

Curious; excited?

Then my suspense works

With this post I say goodbye to a short Easter holiday and wish all readers and their families a relaxing time! The following article next Tuesday reveals what Mark and I are up to.

18 thoughts on " stickers. Easter present for the community."

  • Hi Tom,

    First of all thank you for the post / sticker.
    Unfortunately, I still have to wait a bit until I can put the rear of my 9³ SC for a nice picture with the sticker. Unfortunately, a small car behind me did not stop at my brakes in front of a red traffic light and unfortunately brought me a workshop visit. It is amazing that you can see almost nothing from the outside, except many scratches and the defective parking sensors, but the small car was no longer fit to drive and possibly even suffered a total economic loss. An appraiser looks at everything today and let's see what it will all come to light.
    As soon as I am back from the workshop, I like to submit the photos.


  • Stickers are there, pictures are on the way by mail! Many Thanks!

    • Have arrived! Many Thanks!

  • The stickers have just arrived. Thank you so much.
    Pictures will follow soon.

  • Oh, how exciting!
    Since I take my laptop with me on the Easter holiday!
    Nice idea with the stickers, I still have a picture with the old sticker "SAAB more than a car" to offer. How do you get the picture? There is no upload option here.
    Many colorful eggs!

    • Please send the pictures by e-mail to saabstory (ä t) Thank you!

  • great idea!

  • As always a very nice idea!

  • How big are the stickers? Just send the empty letter?

    • The stickers are in 19 x 5.5 cm. A DIN Lang envelope (German industry standard) fits. Attention: The German Post Office does of course not accept foreign stamps.

      • Sent today, I hope it is not already too late

        • Do not worry! We have had enough produced, in case of an emergency we just order

  • Great idea and thanks for the great Easter present. I'll finish the letter tomorrow and photos of the vehicle will be delivered with pleasure. I'm really looking forward to the continuation after Easter. We wish you and the entire community a happy Easter and a few relaxing and relaxing days….

  • Many Thanks! This is good news before Easter. And I will now replace the color questionable adhesive of a well-known former Saab representation in Switzerland very happy with the blog adhesive. Of course, there are also pictures ... my tail is beautiful ...

    You also have a nice Easter!

  • Thanks alot …. these are really nice Easter! I'm really looking forward to the next action….

  • Very nice idea.Bin excited on Tuesday.
    Letter is already in the box.
    All a nice Easter.

  • On Tuesday? Shit, we're on Easter vacation right now and not online….

    Nevertheless happy Easter and bad weather ...

    Cooper One

    • Do not worry! What will happen on Tuesday is by no means "time-critical". Happy Easter!

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