Tell us your Saab story!

It's time for Mark and I to ask our readers about Saab stories. So that we can motivate as many Saab fans as possible, we have come up with a very special incentive. Maybe readers who regularly visit the blog still remember ours exclusive Saab note blocks?

Exclusive Saab Bordhappen from leather.

We originally had it printed just for fun and then gave it away to fans. The response to the spontaneous campaign was huge, and many would have liked to own a Saab note pad. Therefore we have had a strictly limited edition reprinted; there is a classic and a youngtimer version. The individual pages are designed differently, 8 different motifs can be discovered.

Exclusive Saab boardmaps and blocks with Saab motifs

These great Saab note pads we pack in historical Saab boarding files, which Orio Germany made available to us. They are from the Saab Scania era and are around 30 years old but have never been used. We combine them with our note pads to create a particularly exclusive collector's item that you can't buy anywhere else.

Reader stories on the blog have a certain tradition. They enrich our pages, make them even more exciting and colorful. We are pleased to continue cultivating this tradition. Since both the availability of the folders and the blocks is limited, there are some hurdles to overcome on the way to future ownership.

Terms of participation:
  • The Saab story must include at least 400 words. The language is German or English.
  • There must be at least 3 images in the format 1280 x 960 or larger. The images are the declared and unrestricted property of the sender and are provided free of charge to
  • The text will be delivered in Word, Open Office format or as mail. The pictures are not embedded in the text.
  • There is only one Saab story published per week, the editors make the selection.
  • Submission with full address to saabstory (ä t)

Our promotion runs immediately and ends on December 31.12.2017, XNUMX. As we will only be posting one story per week, not every submission will appear on the blog. With the limitation, we want to provide a small incentive for the best possible, exciting stories.

The senders have every freedom as long as it is somehow about Saab. Both fictional narratives and stories from real life are accepted. Things that have to do with Saab, but not necessarily with cars. Encounters, experiences, friendships or restorations and coincidences. The possibilities are (almost) unlimited.

Our action is open to all readers. Not only from Germany, but from all over the world. For this reason, English is also accepted as a second language, and of course we send the exclusive Saab folders anywhere in the world, where possible.

Mark, the blog crew and I wish you a lot of fun! We look forward to many Saab stories!

16 thoughts on "Tell us your Saab story!"

  • Would stories be possible, has several parts?

    • Why not? There is hardly anything against it!

  • The folder whets the appetite. I'll see if I get something written in the long run ...

  • This is a true story! But I think nobody will believe it.
    It starts 1984 we drove an Opel diplomat and I wanted to get rid of the car. I had a Volvo 256 station wagon
    for safety reasons, two children, it was not possible to get one in Hanover.
    Then I said to my wife, I'll take a look at SAAB. She said they were ugly. I said I'm sitting in the car and can't see it. I visited three SAAB dealers in Hanover, none of them had a used one, what now?
    Then I came up with the idea to search in the surrounding area and came to Stadthagen.
    A dealership selling SAAB new cars and Mercedes annual cars, I called and the owner of the dealership
    said, of course I have two used since they come to us then we clarify that.
    So I went there and learned from him that are not in Stadthagen but in Liliental near Bremen.
    He offered to drive with me and I said yes. In Liliental, two 900 stood a Green Metalik 3 door
    and a five-door turbo I opted for the five-door Bj 1979. The engine was a dream for a four-cylinder, after I have reviewed the papers, the engine was apart and has been fine-balanced.
    My first SAAB 900 Turbo indicated 145 PS, but by fine balancing a bit more. We have been traveling to Sweden for four years already and we already had Swedish well-known in the year 1986 we drove together with our friends and children to Sweden. On the beach my friend asked me, I plan to enlarge my company do you help me?
    Of course I said we were planning to renovate the hall on the beach with drawings in the sand (IRRE). and that's how the renovation was done. We became friends and stayed. We then went to the SAAB museum two more times with his employees and customers. Always great. This is the short story, there are still passages that I haven't mentioned because that would be way too long. We then cycled to Skagen together, 1000km in 11 days. and so forth . We had a SAAB 900 Turbo from 1979, a 9000 ss 250PS from 1989,
    an 900 Cab 195 PS Bj 1992 still and a 93 Bj 145PS 2003
    Always satisfied and still with cab and boat to Sweden.
    That was our SAAB story

  • The beautiful leather folder reminds me of the last, beautiful portfolios, which existed in the first model years of the 9-5. My MY99 still has the beautiful version, the MY03 already the fabric / imitation leather version. Too bad that Orio apparently does not (more) officially offer the folders to his customers. Anyway is a great action!

  • Good news.

    In a few days I want to share the story of my 9-3 Aero Convertible.

    Thanks !!!


  • It's a shame that only one story will find its way into the net ..... I'm happy about every story that I can read here on the blog !!!

    • One a week ... I think that makes it a little more exciting for the writers too.

  • Let's see what my diary SAAAB writing history says
    I think I would also think of some stories - Saab really shaped and changed my life….

  • Great idea, hopefully I'll be able to write a nice story. Maybe I also think of a fictional one.

  • Another very nice idea. Since the last time when I ordered the shop all the blocks were already there as an addition, I will definitely try again. But it will be difficult because I already "missed" the most important things in my Saab story last year.
    It's definitely a nice thing and I'm looking forward to the many stories.

  • The folders are great, I'm also looking forward to many great stories!

  • I would be there too, but my SAAB history seems far too banal to me ...

    ... and my current “fleet” (2 Swedes, but only one SAAB) much too small to be newsworthy. Mmm, something fictional? Here, too, the bar is set high because of what has already been published here. So no leather folder for me. Damn.

    But I look forward to the stories of the other SAAB drivers and new reading pleasure!

    • Dear Herbert, I can not believe that banal. We would be very happy about a story from your side!

      • Just because of the nice block (in the very chic folder) would be worthwhile indeed some use.
        I go back to myself.

  • As always a very likeable idea! Count me in

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