Shanghai Auto Show. Lynk & Co 03 Concept.

The Lynk & Co brand, headed by the former Saab head of development Mats Fägerhag, reports that its first vehicle is ready for production. And immediately stepped up and shows the Lynk & Co 03 Concept at the Shanghai Auto Show that starts today.

A limousine based on the CMA platform with design features of the 01. Photo: Lynk & Co

A compact saloon developed in Gothenburg based on the modular CMA platform also used by Volvo and Geely. The Sunday before, 800 invited guests had an exclusive launch event in China. Alain Visser, Lynk's senior vice president and formerly with Saab Germany, presented the brand.

Lifetime warranty and unlimited data volume

The function of the car-sharing app was demonstrated to the guests, with which a Lynk 01 can be transformed into a shared-economy product on request. Visser also revealed further details on the brand strategy. An unlimited data volume and a lifelong guarantee on every vehicle should convince the target group of digital natives. Lynk & Co will start sales in China this year. The brand, which is only 5 months old, relies on the latest trends.

Chinese like SUVs, they love internet cars, they prefer large interior displays and unrestricted connectivity. This makes the world's largest car market much more digital than the rest of the world.

The Lynk & Co 03 Concept was, like the Lynk 01, drawn by the former Volvo design chief Peter Horbury. The design is European, the interior plays with current Volvo design elements and is immediately recognizable as a member of the brand family. The study is considered close to the series.

A flat rate model for future mobility

At the Shanghai Auto Show, Alain Visser will present details of the brand's flat rate model in addition to the Lynk & Co 03. Lynk & Co relies on digital natives who no longer purchase a product, but want to use it at a flat rate. Everything should be as simple as possible, transparent, with no surcharges or hidden options. A radical all-inclusive business model that seems very aggressive. The question remains, which of these will find their way to Europe.

Interestingly enough, Mats Fägerhag's brand is steering exactly the course that Trollhättan is planning. Completely digital, permanently connected to the cloud and based on flat rates. With the one difference that Lynk & Co will enter the Chinese market in 2017 and will be present in Europe in 2019.

Where's Lynk & Co 02?

Lynk & Co will present a whole family of vehicles based on the CMA platform. They were developed in Gothenburg's Lindholmen, the design is European and comes from the former Volvo Studios in Barcelona. Production takes place exclusively in China, and the 01 comes off the same line as the new Volvo XC40 and other Geely models. There is no mention of a possible production in Europe.

That 01 follows the number 03 and not the vehicle with the 02, could have this reason: Compact sedans enjoy a certain popularity in China, in contrast to vehicles with flowbacks. An exciting hatchback concept was briefly on display at the presentation 2016, but the images were taken immediately from the network. It could be the missing number 02, and thus an interesting variant for Europe.

NEVS starts at CES Asia

While Gothenburg rocks Shanghai, it is quiet in Trollhättan. This could change soon. NEVS is planning the first trade fair appearance. As a provider of mobility solutions, one avoids traditional car shows and relies on the digital natives. The first big show with NEVS participation will be the 7. to 9. June in Shanghai will be CES Asia. Details are still pending, maybe it will be exciting.

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  • blank

    Does not that look like the rebirth of the Bora II? I do not like it.

  • A smartphone on wheels, exterior design a mixture across the brands of the VW Group, interior design not exactly sparkling and the whole “Made in PRC”, I feel sick. I agree with the Bruce Willis quote

  • blank

    Front Porsche and back Seat - just terrible. The interior is a bit too plain and simple, even for Scandinavian standards.

    I do not want this car for a great special price!

  • In the ripe old age of 32 I must probably draw the Bruce Willis quote.

    Possibly, this part. The only advantage of sitting in one is probably that you do not have to see it from the outside.

    • and lack of usable window is not seen in it. That would be too embarrassing.

  • The front of the Scirocco and the rear of the A4. The ventilation nozzles are a copy from the C-Cactus, probably the same supplier, the side “fin” is also known from the DS3. Incredibly resourceful ...

  • blank

    Sorry for the rough choice of words….

  • blank

    For me, the design, especially the front of the vehicle, doesn't work at all. Bruce Willis would probably say about the concept: I'm too old for this shit 🙂 Maybe I am ...

    • The design is above all fashionable. It quotes not only Porsche but also the SUV of a Korean manufacturer. It is probably a question of age and taste as one finds it.

  • Cruel, inside and out!
    If that is the future, I hope that my old Swedes and the Finn will last a long time.
    I don't see any SAAB DNA there. The Chinese will like this ...

  • blank

    Embarrassing the NEVS is still not presented with anything.

  • The Lync 03 is very nice to look at. With a little imagination you can see from the side of the balanced SAAB design. But why does the front have to look like Porsche? That does not fit! A little more independence would have been nice.

    When NEVS hits CES Asia in June, they can not just show you a 9-3EV and a few app games ?! NEVS has to have something big in its pocket.

    • Maybe there will be a preview of what is coming. Apps are conceivable, but there is no forecast from my side.

  • Is sure an 9000der with 4 wheel hub motors or the current 9-3! Is still dewy from the design ago.

  • blank

    An appealing and exciting design. As you can see again how far SAAB DNA comes. Too bad that Mr. Fägerhag was not allowed to develop further for SAAB, or rather was able to. There was already a lot of potential.

    Let's see what NEVS looks like. Do we see a study?

    • We do not know what NEVS is planning for CES. Lynk celebrated a brand party at CES in Spain. Hard to imagine that NEVS will show the 9-3 EV. It will hardly be considered an Internet car.

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