Saab at the Techno Classica 2017. Gleaning.

In addition to digitization and electrification, another trend is preoccupying the automotive industry: the love of old sheet metal and everything that is analog. And if yesterday's article was decidedly too digital for you, you will get your analogue costs today.

Very nice Saab 99 CC. Photo: Jens

While the major trade fairs, such as the IAA, are struggling with decreasing acceptance and prominent cancellations from exhibitors, the classic sector is still booming.

Volvo premiere at the Essen Motor Show

Manufacturers have long been using trade fairs like Techno Classica to build a bridge between the classic and the modern. From our Scandinavian perspective, Volvo is a good example of this. For several years now, Gothenburg has not only presented classics in Essen, but also new releases. This year, on the brand's 90th birthday, the focus was on the premiere of the new XC60.

A new release, which is important for the brand, because the old XC60 was the best-selling model of the manufacturer. Volvo is 90 years old, Saab 70. There are no new cars from Saab, but that does not have to be the case for all time. Because the brand is extremely lively and attractive for lovers.

With a very beautiful, early Saab 99 CC in contemporary color Manilagelb, the 1 presented. German Saab Club its safety. Safety colors like the eye-catching yellow belonged in the 70er years simply. Those who were young at the time can surely remember that.

Through redevelopment measures, the Saab booth was this time in the hall 13 to find. Visitors from the East Entrance made their way through this hall, which brought additional interested parties on the stand. The members of 1. German Saab clubs, who provided a presence in their spare time, were satisfied.

Saab 96 Sport for 37.500,00 €

A very nice, very rare Saab 96 Sport was to be found among other classics at the Svensk Motorkraft booth. The price of € 37.500,00 seemed a bit brave at first glance. But a few hours after the first photo, the Saab was marked as sold, and the proceeds will probably have been in this region. Another Saab, also with Swedish registration, was to be found in the outdoor area. Imports keep increasing, and Germany seems to be becoming what it never was in active Saab times.

A Saab stronghold beyond Sweden.

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  • Especially one of the few opportunities as a CC driver to start the comparison between Bj.74 and 77, already amazing what has happened in the engine compartment. For example, the brake fluid reservoir still made of sheet metal, ignition coil from the depth brought up and laid the fuse box on the other side. A really great car and congratulations to the owner

  • Beautiful, the orange 99s….

  • Yes, I was there too. Had I wanted more Saabs on the surface.

  • It is nice to see the pictures of the old Swedes, but I strongly suspect that it is still a bit early for a review of this year's motor show, as this will only take place in December (December 02nd - 10.12.2017th, XNUMX). The event at which the Saab Club presented itself was more likely the Techno Classica.

    • Well look. About 2.000 readers until finally one noticed. Thank you!

      A special broadcast Aukleber goes to Frank. Please address to the blog.

      • Hello Tom, the e-mail with my address is out. Thank you in advance, that proofreading will be rewarded so well.

  • The 99 is fantastic. Fortunately, this Envall line has been preserved until the 9-3I coupe.

  • The 96 Sport also awakens emotions!

    I see far and wide no new car on the market, which would have for the money and would arouse emotions with me.
    The 99 CC and the PV 145 and 444 also trigger more desires in me than almost anything new on the market ...

    Just as if current cars had lost their way in the space-time structure, they either no longer fit or do not yet fit into the time. Some are thirsty or nitric oxide flinging anachronisms and the others lack the infrastructure.

    The aged Swedes, on the other hand, fit into their time like a fist. Everything seems coherent and consistent. Just beautiful!

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