Many letters to the blog. Chairs at NEVS.

Sometimes the blog team is amazed at how wonderfully analog the world can still be. Hand on heart, when did we get the last letter? Handwritten, just like in the past. In the last few days our mailbox was always full.

Saab letters to the blog

It was about the Blog Stickers, our gift to the Saab community. Many envelopes were accompanied by small pieces of paper or long letters. With short or long, personal Saab stories or just a little greeting. That touched and pleased us!

The great interest is inspiring, and the steady stream of letters does not seem to want to dry up. Some days 20 or 30 envelopes arrive here. The stickers are still available, and we may print them out. Meanwhile, the first photos of the Saabs of our readers with stickers in my mailbox landed. We hope for more and publish it in the next few days.

The chair back at NEVS is just as persistent as the interest in our stickers. In the management team, Mikael Östlund is leaving the company from the very beginning. Östlund, in the position of Vice President Communication & Public Affairs, was always a friendly and correct contact person for the blog. In 2014 he made a short appearance on German television Vox car mobile, His time at NEVS was accompanied by the start of production in December 2013, but also by the reconstruction 2014. His job should therefore have been uninteresting at any time. Mikael Östlund says goodbye to Stallbacka at the end of the month and becomes Head of Communications Industri Arbetsgivarna, We thank you for the cooperation and wish him every success in his new position.

Mikael Ostlund 2013 at the start of production
New start for the NEVS PR department

His successor was not recruited from the auto industry or IT, as one would expect from a mobility provider like NEVS. Fredrik Fryklund has been with GKN Aerospace, previously Volvo Aero, since 1998. He comes from the immediate neighborhood; GKN and the former Saab factory are separated only by a fence. The journalist lives in Trollhättan and worked as an editor-in-chief at Trollhättans Tiding before Volvo Aero. The local paper was discontinued in 2004 and entered the TTELA with two other local publications.

As Director Communication & Public Affairs at NEVS, he will report to Jonas Hernqvist, Vice President Sales & Marketing. The PR Department of NEVS is experiencing a complete new start. With the departure of Ulrika Hultgren and now Mikael Östlund, the contacts for press and blogs have changed. The first big appearance for Fredrik Fryklund will be CES Asia in June.

5 thoughts on "Many letters to the blog. Chairs at NEVS."

  • For me, the stickers arrived safely today. Thanks alot. The pictures on the cars follow as soon as the weather is better and the car can be washed thoroughly.

  • Stickers arrived safely.

    Unfortunately I had to cut one, because of the color.
    You get the pictures as soon as possible!

    Thank you so much for fulfilling our wish.

  • What do these changes mean for NEVS? That means nothing good! I'm worried that it's getting clearer that 2020 does not produce new cars in THT. All energy and financial resources are needed to build and start production in China. I hope I am wrong!

    • After 5 years of virtual invisibility, I would rate that as a bad sign. Nothing is coming, never.

  • Thanks for the Saab Blog Stickers! The pictures follow!

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