Project Saab. The sufferings of the young P.

The good news first: Paul, our project saab, is back on the streets. We have had him again for a few days. The story of the past few months has not been without its difficulties. But positive things also happened. Of course, bringing a car like Paul back to life isn't easy.

Paul, our projectaab in Frankfurt.

We knew that from the start, and months ago we hoped to have cured all kinds of ailments. The list of things that have been renewed is impressive; in fact, almost everything that is relevant is new. That's how Paul drives too! The Saab rolls tightly like a new car, it is an extremely comfortable, quiet touring car.

In October last year it should go to Trollhättan and with it the 9-5 back to its place of birth. The first motorway trip led to Frankfurt, where it was noticed that Paul is not doing well. The draft was dull, and even if the principle of the 150 hp is not a racing car - something was wrong here.

Small, unpleasant surprises

The cause was quickly found. A vacuum hose, the classic par excellence, had come off. Also solved, and that was a lot more annoying, had on the highway ride the rear bumper. Part of it had lost its hold, but with luck and the attention of a Syrian guest in our country, nothing worse happened.

This was due to two screws that shone with their absence. Who could have solved it and when can hardly be determined. The bumper was original and was not touched either in Kiel or later in the Saab hangar. But the fact is: 2 screws were missing, which nobody sees if they don't look for them exactly. That does not matter as long as you drive in the city or on the country road - but it is fatal if you are on the highway.

With the bumper off, the trip to Sweden was canceled and I briefly considered leaving Paul on the roadside. But only for a short time until the first anger was gone.

In order to keep the cost of the damage affordable, Saab Service Frankfurt donated us a used bumper. It was repainted and assembled, and in the end there were other small things on the bill for another € 840,00. These very annoying things are not on your radar. They are the small and nasty surprises when you bring an old, long-disused vehicle with an unexplained history from the intensive care unit.

Engine overhaul according to factory specification

The winter was used to further improve the 9-5 sports suit. In order to get our charity project on the technically safe side, Saab Service Frankfurt overhauled the engine in December according to factory specifications. Without charge for material and working time. As a commitment to the brand and to a good cause. For so much Saab Spirit we say again: Thank you!

Paul is, as you say so nice, durchreppariert. Everything is new, from brakes, suspension, turbocharger and clutch to the remanufactured engine. There are still minor details such as the SID, which still has pixel errors and the stick of the gearshift, which is just not nice. But these are really luxury issues.

Visually, the Saab is passable. He is now 18 years old. An age that not many everyday combinations experience. He wears the scars of his life with dignity and would be a good base to turn it into a really chic car. A chance for the owner who comes after the blog.

What's next? In the coming days, Mark will take over our 9-5 sports suit and then be responsible for it. He will drive with him to Saab meetings, and in the summer we will visit Paul's godparents together. Our thanks to the companies who have made a special contribution and who have shown a big heart for Saab and our project!

Our tour will take us from North to South for several days. We will write about it and, if possible, also meet fans and readers. More on the subject, and much more about Paul, coming soon on the blog.

18 thoughts on "Project Saab. The sufferings of the young P."

  • Just stickers are an important topic. Is there any reason to have Paul's hood sticker finished in a small batch? I would be very interested in my 9-3 SC.

  • A freshly inspected and overhauled engine?

    That sounds like Paul is now eager for an antler.

    Especially since the 2.0t is probably the engine of all, the Swiss as a percentage of the
    help increase power and torque. From 150 to 210 PS and from
    240 to 320 Nm, if I have the numbers right in my head ...

    I know the engine with factory and deer software. After the upgrade, you have a completely different car.
    Very, highly recommended not only for those in a hurry. The enormous increase in draft also comes a relaxed
    Driving without speed orgies very good.

    • Wow, cool idea! That would be a prestige project and would show what you can conjure up from almost forgotten Gammel Saabs.
      Blog, how about an add-on? New sponsors etc, a lot of work, but worth the thing?
      Allez, courage!

    • The idea is very tempting, but pure luxury. Our budget does not give that.

      • Ever asked Hirsch?

        Maybe they can buy that? For Paul's model year, as far as I know, the software is significantly reduced in price anyway. So the Swiss donation pants would not be oversized ...

  • Will we see Paul at the intsaab in Dinslaken?

    • We are not sure yet. It always depends on work and family what works and what does not.

  • So we will be able to admire Paul at the Saab meeting in THT. Great !!!!!

  • As always, an impressive report and understandable waves of emotions. Thanks to the commitment of many enthusiasts with Saab Spirit in his blood, Paul is now fit for another automobile - life on our roads. I'm happy to see him at the meeting.

  • How good that a nice fellow was paying attention ... a "lost" bumper on the BAB is one of the nightmares in the driver's life!
    Importantly: now PAUL is presentable!

  • Great project. I know such problems. If you do not have a long financial breath or a good partner, it's over quickly. Good ride Paul. Hope I get to see him live.

    • Mark gets Paul on Thursday. He will then be there on an excursion ...

  • These are just the birth difficulties. The main thing is to keep a SAAB more! Operation would be successful, I would say.

  • Whether this is really the case in Switzerland with the discarding of older cars and in particular older Saabs, I do not know. However, there is a Saab-specialized workshop where nothing is going away so quickly. In the backyard there are about 0 Saab, from 25 to 99-9 everything is waiting for their recovery or restoration. Incidentally, the prices are Christian and the performance extremely competent and reliable. This is the Neuenhof garage in Kirchberg near Bern.

    • I can only agree with that! This garage is really recommended.

  • Sometimes it's the little things that can annoy on older vehicles unbelievable ... and despite good relations make very high bills. I am currently similar and my mature headliner must wait until the technical, annoying little things are in the clear ... let's see what the next days bring ...

    Do you know what equivalent the support of Saab Service Frankfurt has? Engine overhaul according to factory specifications sounds expensive, very expensive ... nice that there are still such enthusiasts! Best advertisement here in the blog. It seems to me that here in Switzerland, especially in older vehicles an incredible disposable mentality prevails. "It's not worth it anymore ... keep in mind what else can come ...", so the vehicle is first bad talked about and if you want to do a repair but is working completely joyless.

    • The original parts themselves can be found at Orio pleasingly cheap. Expensive is the considerable amount of work. I would once quote a significant 4-digit amount in the lower range.

  • I think there is another Paul in Kiel who is waiting for "rescue" 😉

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