New day, new car brand. NEVS & ICONIQ.

Yesterday, NEVS issued a press release, which had it at the second glance at the latest. So much so that some explanations about the possible backgrounds are appropriate. Why is? NEVS and ICONIQ are two new, unknown car brands.

NEVS Trollhattan

And had NEVS not accidentally bought the former Saab factory before 5 years and started to revive the Saab brand, the company would not interest us. That with Saab and the planned comeback is now over, but it created around 1.000 jobs in Trollhättan and a new plant in China. In addition, one promises to cultivate the Saab heritage.

Yesterday, the communication on cooperation between NEVS and ICONIQ, which is available at NEVS, came. It explains in part the current situation in Trollhättan, perhaps also the personnel changes, and stands for the future direction of NEVS.

Some notes and background information from my page.

"Both companies want to cooperate on the development of shared technology for their future vehicles to benefit from the Swedish expertise, to maximize industrial synergies."

ICONIQ presented the Seven in Shanghai a few days ago. He is the first product of the brand and should go 2018 in series. It is being built at the NEVS plant in Tianjin. Both companies want to develop and produce electric cars together in the future. NEVS and ICONIQ will use common platforms for this. Behind it could be more than just a close interdependence, the companies have overlaps in the ownership structure. THT is a partner in both NEVS and ICONIQ. It would be possible for two companies to become one in the short term. That would not be unusual and the Chinese way of creating facts.

"NEVS wants to develop an E-segment EV Commuter vehicle, with production start 2020."

The E-segment stands for vehicles with a length of 5 meters upwards. According to NEVS information, behind it lies a luxurious, all-electric SUV with up to 7 seats. It will be built from 2020 in both Trollhättan and Tianjiin.

The electric vehicle in the E-segment could be placed similar to the Tesla X model and will be the first globally available product of the NEVS brand.

9-3 sedan EV in China, "followed by other 9-3 models prior to the launch of the NEVS EV Commuter in 2020."

Perhaps more interesting from a blog point of view is the promised production of other models based on the Saab 9-3. So far, the limousine was always talked about, other variants were not open to discussion. However, it is also a fact that NEVS already planned a new edition of the 2015-9 sports suit with model year 3. This did not happen, and I was not sure if NEVS has the rights to the vehicle.

Meanwhile, we have learned that apart from a few parts that are under GM ownership, the station wagon could also be reissued by NEVS. Even with the sedan, GM patents forced NEVS to redesign parts, the model year 2014 came "GM-free" on the market.

What will remain with NEVS of the Saab heir is the question that really bothers us. In Sweden there is movement, some things seem possible. In every direction. Before we make a judgment, we should practice a few more weeks of patience. The first public appearance of NEVS will be CES Asia in June.

There, according to our information, much more can be seen than just a few apps.

9 thoughts on "New day, new car brand. NEVS & ICONIQ."

  • ICONIQ Seven = VW bus with Land Rover Velar bonds.
    So automobile does not go NEVS: /

  • Yes, unbelievable this box. The worst are those headlights that are too high. How can such a thing be allowed? The dazzle any normal car without end, whether from the front or rear. But fits the "now I come I-company".
    It is similar in most SUVs.
    Trucks usually have the headlights lowered, but they certainly have stricter regulations, as with the diesel exhaust emissions.

  • ICONLOADS! ! !

    The ICONIQ Seven I had to quickly click away again to not be unnecessarily upset ...

    I am looking forward to a weekend with my SAAB.

  • I would not see it like an accident car - more like a "worsened" VW bus. In any case, the design has gone completely wrong.

    It would be interesting to find out whether a brilliant designer is on board in Trollhättan - an extremely important matter for the planned continuation of the SAAB line (hopefully not only in terms of design).

  • That's news! Thanks for the information! Since you may be curious what NEVS will show at CES.
    As far as the 9-3EV is concerned, a convertible could be a great addition to the station wagon. A full-electric convertible in this class, there are not known to my knowledge. Such a model would provide a further link to the SAAB heritage and unique selling point in the market for EVs. Due to air pollution in China's mega-cities, the model would be more for the European and American markets.

    Hopefully NEVS will not take an example of the design of the new partner ICONIQ. The Seven is one of the worst design disasters I've ever seen. Which sick brain is thinking so ?! The car looks like an accident car before the first delivery.

  • Unfortunately there was nothing we could / should communicate additionally. We are just as excited.

  • Thanks for this news from Trollcity. Without this blog I would say "No idea what z. Zt happened in Trollhättan ".
    It will continue to be exciting and interesting ... how will see how "the heritage of SAAB" continues to be treated ...
    The timeless, perhaps cool elegance of the VILLAGE inspires me more and more!
    We'll see what's going on in China ...

  • oooo 2020 this si to slow, i hope new model come xnumx, volvo and other brand start full electric cars soon

  • I'm curious what makes NEVS out of the 9-3. Are there any details?

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