How did I become a Saabist?

Audi 100 cars.
However, when Audi launched the ultra-modern Audi 100, the CEO decided that our customers would not be interested in new cars and gave all the Peugeot 504.

My 3 Saabs

That was a big change and none of the managers were really happy. After two years the decision has been made. Saab and stay in the strict budget the company had given. We were with three managers who were fond of Saab and so negotiated with the leasing company. This was 1991 in the year.

One took a Saab 900 Turbo and my colleague and I did choose the 9000 CD. 9000 we were completely blown off our feet.
What a fine car, what a seat, what a fine interior, what a secure feeling and even without the turbo; what a driving experience. This is a very different driving experience compared with all cars we drove before.

Since that first Saab we have never gone for a car. I have had the CD three 9000 CSE's and this, in fact, is the best ever Saab I ever drove. I still regret that I had to give the CSE Anniversary back to the leasing company after 120.000 KM while that was looking for an extraordinary car which was not just by myself but by the whole family.

Saab had a VIP program and that citizens working in a European country but with a citizenship of another European country could have their Saab being ordered in Sweden. That program did result in quite a discount so I decided to buy my first Saab in 2000; a Saab 9 5 Estate.

Marcus and myself at French border

Saab was enthusiastic while these Saabs were not allowed to come back.
In the mean time I also infected my wife, or better said she had no choice, while the special program did not count as well for the purchase of her cars.

My current Saab is a 9-5 from the last production months and I want to drive that car as long as possible. Unfortunately this car will never become an old-timer while the software in modern cars may not be supported as long as the mechanics do hero. But even if the lovely 9-5 NG wants to come to my end I'll continue with my Saab 96 and Saab 900. These two real old-timers can allow me to continue to enjoy my life.

Thanks Jan-Eric for sharing! We`ll send you one of our limited Saab folders.

Your personal Saab story is greatly appreciated! pls submit if you like!

4 thoughts on "How did I become a Saabist?"

  • Great cars! Especially the 95er in Java Metallic is just awesome!

  • Thank you for sharing your great story !!

  • Nice story and a very nice collection. I can imagine that you regret to give the 9000 away.

  • What a beautiful collection! ! !

    One must admit, your 3 SAABs arouse envy. From early SAAB to 900 cabriolet and on to 9-5 NG, the very last SAAB.
    All of which are important milestones in SAAB's history ... Just nice! ! !

    And of course, the 9000 is not missing in your story either. Every one who ever drove one knows exactly what you mean, what you felt while driving her and how you miss her today ...

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