Saab reopening Bamberg. Saab meeting Hamburg.

There are two SAAB events next weekend where you can always meet nice people! In the south, Ralf Muckelbauer opens his new car dealership, and in Hamburg the 2nd Hamburg Saab meeting at the old-timer gas station Brandshof is on the calendar.

Modern, spacious, with plenty of space for restorations.

Bamberg. Saab tradition since 1974.

Since 43 years the family Muckelbauer keeps the Saab flag high in the region Bamberg. The car dealer is a family business, which is now run in the second generation. Saab has a high priority in the family, even though a second make now supplements the offer with the Subaru brand.

The new building at Gundelsheimer Strasse 69 in Bamberg offers both brands enough space for the future. At Saab, value retention and restorations of young and old timers are increasingly in the foreground. The spacious, bright workshop area offers plenty of space for this; There is a good range of Saab spare parts in the large warehouse area.

The inauguration of the new location will start next Saturday at 10.00 a.m. Ralf Muckelbauer and his family are looking forward to many visitors. The local radio is on site, and  Orio Germany, our exclusive supplier of Saab original spare parts, will also show presence. An interview with Ralf Muckelbauer can be read in the latest issue of Saab Inside, which is open to members of the Saab Service Clubs is available free of charge.

While the final details of the opening will be worked out intensively in Bamberg, the final spurt with a lot of Saab Spirit will take place in Hamburg as well.

2. Hamburg Saab meeting large gas station Brandshof

After the successful premiere last year, the new edition will be launched next weekend. The location, the Oldie Tanke Brandshof, has a cult factor, and Hamburg is a stronghold for the small Swedish brand anyway.

All Saab fans are welcome! Classic Saabs including 9000 have free access to the site of the gas station. There is sufficient parking space in the immediate vicinity for younger vehicles from the Trollhättan brand. Last year there was always enough space with an estimated 100 vehicles spread over the day.

A few days ago Nicolina Hubert, who drove the Carrera Panamericana with her Saab 96 2006, arrived with Johan. Their sporty two-stroke Saab was the subject of a special exhibition of the Saab Bil Museum during the festival 2015. Nicolina and Johan live on a manor in Lilla Edet, near Trollhättan, and operate, among other things, a rally service for historic Saabs. Of course, there was a souvenir photo with advertising for the meeting next weekend!

The 2. Hamburger Saab Treffen starts on Saturday at 11: 00 clock, and the overlap of dates brought me something in trouble. I had firmly planned Hamburg and wanted to go north with the known as Anna project 9000. 2016 had that Saab weekend Mark and I had a lot of fun, but then Bamberg came on the calendar at short notice.

And because dealership openings are singular events and extremely rare in the Saab scene, the ride leads south and not north. Hamburg has to wait until the 3. Edition. See you then 2018.

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  • Unfortunately I can not come to Bamberg for family reasons. A real shame. But all those go out a lot of fun.

  • It is a matter of honor that we are with our 9-3 II Cab with our “friend” on Saturday!

  • Best wishes and good luck for the future! Best wishes to the family Muckelbauer and their team from Spain!

  • Congratulations to the new company where the Saab Tradition lives on. I wish you continued success!

  • Hello. Will separate me from my anni, diesel 9-3 Coupe, garage only, ergo top. The engine control lamp always lights up. Error was read, boost pressure regulator or so, 2mal swapped, but f
    Error comes again. My workshop says fahr, driven 5000km with a light. Annoying .... has an idea? .. or does someone want it ... Thank you

  • An admirable action! And Subaru is also a likeable little brand with slightly different priorities that fits.

  • Great that Saab is a great new building even if it is dedicated to Subaru. I'm driving my summer now
    93 9000 Aero and in winter a 95 3,0 tv6. My wife a 9 3 convertible… .. When I hear what a stress
    busy with new vehicles from other manufacturers my acquaintances, I can only go to 30 years Saab
    sit back satisfied.

  • Congratulations on this entrepreneurial step into the future for the SAAB fans “in the south” 😉 of the republic!
    Good luck with SAAB (and Subaru)!
    Great news on the blog!

  • A great new building, worthy of the brand SAAB, what has put Muckelbauer there. A little Subaru is also there, but that's ok

  • A nice new building for a “Saab dealership” (well, also a little Subaru) - and that in the current “Saab” situation?
    Very nice - congratulations !!! Good luck! 🙂

    And what a shame, Fr. I come through Hamburg twice. Unfortunately not anymore on Saturday…. 🙁
    Otherwise I might have been interested in driving by.

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