Sticker Version 2.0

The first edition of our sticker was out of print very quickly. But the influx of envelopes continued unabated, so we ordered the next order. Our print volume is thus 4-digit, not bad for a car brand without production. Sticker V 2.0

We can tell from the letters that Saab has put a lot of passion into it. Many letters are lovingly designed and provided with Saab motifs. Small works of art often arrive here. Again and again we receive personal cover letters with long Saab stories, it's just fantastic ...

We read - and we learn. And because it's a constant learning process, we have improved some things in the new edition of stickers. There is still the original design with a font in silver, black and white. These stickers are nice, but not ideal for dark paints and black panes.

For this reason, there is now also a second variant in silver and white, for heavily tinted windows and dark car paints. The stickers are currently in print and will ship from Friday. We now add a light and a dark version to each envelope, unless expressly requested otherwise.

Anyone who has already received the first variant of the sticker, but also needs the second version for his Saab fleet, can send us another envelope.

The stickers are easy to come to our readers home. Please send a sufficiently prepaid, correctly addressed return envelope in DIN long format:
Tom Knecht
St. Burkard Street 2
63768 Hoesbach

Of course, we also send the blog stickers to readers and Saab fans outside Germany. In Germany, an 0,70 € franking is sufficient (2 stickers weigh about 10 g). Of course, it is higher from abroad and we need the contribution in German franking or alternatively in enclosed Euros. Please always pay attention to a sufficient franking. We do not postpone!

We would like many Saab pictures!

The stickers are a gesture and a statement for Saab! We would be happy to receive pictures of the vehicles with stickers by email. The blog team will definitely publish a Saab picture gallery on the blog, maybe there will also be a large collage ...

7 thoughts on " Sticker Version 2.0"

  • I've attached the stickers to my cars. Looks awesome! Tomorrow I will send the envelopes for the new stickers.

  • I have to put the stickers first and see how they work, and then I'll see if I need any more. From Austria you need an international reply, unfortunately not every postman understands. Ask immediately. And thanks again for the stickers.

  • You keep learning all the time and I thought at the beginning we are coming out with a version. But it is not like that. Please always write what you want.

    You also a nice, saabiges weekend!

  • I am glad! Both versions are now available, on Monday the post office is waiting for all those already waiting for the trip!

  • I'll do that too, I have a yellow and a nocturnal Saab.
    Thank you and have a nice weekend.

  • Hello Tom, thanks for the 2nd variant - I had already talked to Mark about it last week, I'm also a “VICTIM” of tinted windows where “” unfortunately something goes under ...

    Send you a second “order” again


    Thomas from the SAAB friends Thuringia

  • Hello Tom, the second variant for dark paint is a great idea. The letter with a request for supplement will be sent to you tomorrow. Many thanks and best regards from Saxony

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