Senova Offspace. Or the eternal life of the 9-5.

If memories are not deceptive, then it was 1992 when Saab engineers in Trollhättan began work on the successor to the fabulous Saab 9000. That was 25 years ago! The Saab 9-5 premiered in 1997, and 20 years have passed since then. It seems to me that Sweden has done a lot of things right.

Senova Offspace D70 Concept. Credit: Granstudio

The 9-5 was repeatedly technically and visually revised and ran to 2010 from the tapes. Then the rights and the legendary turbo engines were sold to BAIC, and it became quiet for some time to exile Sweden.

The state-owned car company, to which the Borgward owner Foton also belongs, launched a Chinese premium brand with the Senova brand. About 3 years ago the Senova D70 came on the market, which is a Saab 9-5 of the first generation under the sheet metal. Senova and BAIC have been intensively cultivating the Saab image since then, advertising the brand's great past and even putting the Ex 9-5 in the Motorsport .

Senova OffSpace Concept. Or Saab 9-5 version 4.0.

Senova does not compete with the premium imports from Europe, but for BAIC the Senova line is more than just a respectable success. In order to give a boost to the recently weak sales, BAIC showed at the Shanghai Auto Show the Senova D70 OffSpace Concept. The renewed design has nothing of a Saab, but should be close to the series. It picks up on the strange trend towards bigger and wider coolers, which is very popular in Asia. Perhaps the last rearing up before you completely do without electric drives.

Close to the series, 2018 comes on the market. Credit: Granstudio

The OffSpace Concept is designed to combine luxury and technology, and the new Senova logo is integrated into a double wing that extends right through to the headlamps. At the stern of the Senova lettering in Latin script, which is worth the Chinese buyer to signal European origin.

I already know what readers are going to think. Especially if you compare the original with the latest design proposal. At the head cinema, words like Chinadesign and so on are probably flickering now.

Right? But this is wrong.

The design of the Senova OffSpace Concept comes from Turin, in earlier times one of the finest addresses for automotive beauties. Granstudio drew the design for BAIC, which was created in a few months from November 2016. The new Senova D70 should go into production in spring 2018. The good old Saab turbo engines work under the newly formed sheet metal, and they even meet the current Euro 6 standard in European BAIC models.

The Saab 9-5, or rather its technology, will live on. When we celebrate 2022's 25 anniversary in XNUMX, there will probably still be new cars rolling off the line with their DNA somewhere in the world. A bigger compliment to the designers from Trollhättan can hardly exist.

6 thoughts on "Senova Offspace. Or the eternal life of the 9-5."

  • In 15 years no one remembers the Chinese firecracker, the 9-5 still decades later ... GM or not, the 9-5 was a great success!

  • In fact, I find it somehow comforting that there are still new children and grandchildren still carrying grandfather's good SAAB genes. Nice to know, well written. Thank you!

  • Quote: A bigger compliment to the designers from Trollhättan can hardly exist.
    That's the way it is !
    The reliability of the SAAB technology is impressive! You could almost believe that BAIC got a "bargain" ...
    I like the side view, from the front the cooler is too massive / aggressive ... 🙁
    Thanks for thinking outside the box… 🙂

  • Nice to read, important for us 9-5 fans: at least some spare parts will live on with it….

  • Already wild what is offered so in design. Typically China where every few years something fundamentally new ran. Reminiscent of Audi by design.

  • Euro 6 is for a gasoline engine with intake manifold injection no great art. AvtoVAZ also manages the scrap iron in the Lada Niva. Why not? The trick is just to get the cat warm enough.

    I wouldn't be surprised if even a 951 packs the Euro 6 - if someone would take the trouble to measure one ...

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