Spring departure of the SAAB friends Thuringia

Report: Wolfgang, pictures: Saab friends Thuringia

At the 30.04.17 it was time again. For now 8. Once the Thuringian Saabfans met and again there was a round trip. This time the tour led through the Saale-Holzland-Kreis.

Spring departure of the Saab friends Thuringia

We were 46 people, including 8 kids and 25 vehicles. A new participant record! On the exit were mainly vehicles of the last and penultimate generation of the 9-3 and the penultimate generation of 9-5, but also 9000er and 900er of the first generation.

Especially about the participation of Mark von saabblog.net everyone was delighted with the project car “Paul”. It has become a great car. The starting point was the straw workshop of the agricultural cooperative "Wöllmisse”In Gernewitz near Stadtroda. You could see the straw studio there with great interest.

Everyone was amazed at what straw can do and build. Here we also learned that on 10. and 11. June, the so popular straw festival takes place. For one and the other, that was just one reason to note in the calendar.

The day got off to a good start with drinks and the homemade muffins with Saab flags that Mark and his wife baked. Interesting conversations about our Saabs were of course part of it.

We “started” shortly after 11.00:XNUMX am. When the sun was shining, the line of vehicles started to move. With atypical speed, which is unusual for our cars, we set out on the winding route towards Rausdorf.

After only a quarter of an hour, there was the first stop and a great surprise for the children. We arrived in the small village Untergneus to the wildlife enclosure. Although they were not moose, it was great fun for the kids to feed the deer, roe deer and goats.

Not bad was a group of locals who were in the process of preparing to set the maypole when our 25 non-ordinary vehicles meandered through the small village.

The next 40 Km went through a beautiful landscape. Mountains, valleys, small dreamy villages, curves over curves, green forests and fields with blooming rapeseed formed a great backdrop for our tour.

About Geisenhain, Wolfersdorf and dry Born we drove to Seitenroda. What a sight. On top of the mountain the Leuchtenburg. From there it went steeply downhill towards Kahla but then immediately uphill towards Neustadt.

The goal of our trip was Orlamünde. Arrived high up on the mountain, we visited together a historic Kemenate. A guided tour by a member of the local castle club made us with the building from the 12. Century familiar. Today it is a farmer's museum with many devices, facilities and exhibits from the region, which were presented in a loving way.

Castle festivals, knight games or celebrations for Walpurgis Night take place regularly at the Kemenate. Our meeting ended in the early afternoon with a meal in the mountain restaurant “Relaxation”.

With good food, of course with Thuringian dumplings, we sat comfortably together and exchanged our saab experiences. As a surprise there was a bottle of “Schwedenpils” affectionately stuck with a Saab logo by Thomas and his wife for every Saab pilot.

Unique was the view through the Saale valley. Everyone agreed that it was a great day. The participants from Gotha to Dresden, from Schleiz to Bad Lausick are now looking forward to the autumn departure of Saabfreunde Thüringen.

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    Thank you to all the organizers for this wonderful excursion.
    Top organized!
    Thank you for all your efforts.
    I will definitely be back next time.

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    I come to that because there was a W-Lan name F-moose in the house. After removal of the SAAB Cabriolet driver also disappeared this W-Lan network. EF elk and F moose, so it would have fit and we know each other. Hence my curiosity. But it is not like that. Thanks for the answer.

    Greetings to Erfurt

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    ... in the very best company !! 🙂

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      Hello EF moose,

      ever lived in Berlin-Tempelhof? Driven a nice, younger SAABriolet 9-3? Possibly. we would know each other from the hallway. Back then I had a silver 9-3 I, unfortunately with 4 doors and no turbo. It was still good ...

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        Hello Herbert, how did you come up with it, actually I only involuntarily “lived” in Berlin Schöneweide for 983 months in 84/18….
        EF stands for Erfurt, was there in the SAAB center for 23 years as a master - maybe you were there with your SAAB!?!?

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    Nice pictures to start the week ...

    After an identical 900 turbo coupe (cover picture) I turned my neck at the beginning of the 90er on a sunny Swedish country road. That works today. A beautiful car!

    Paul was really in good company.

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    Thank you for participating in the successful SAAB excursion ”. 🙂
    Great pictures give an impression of an eventful day. It's great that “Paul” was there too! Finally he could show himself live!

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