A logbook for our projectaab

Paul is anything but ordinary. He is an early Saab 9-5 sports car that was eventually put away and brought back into the automobile world by us. We would like to document his next months as a rolling ambassador for the blog and our Saab enthusiasm.

An instant camera provides analogue images.

Not only digital on the blog, but also quite old-fashioned analog. The 99er sports trolley is a thoroughly honest, analog car. A sustainable, Swedish long-term station wagon, if treated accordingly. Therefore a logbook had to come.

From the first considerations then an 3-taut logbook. No idea if we really need so many pages. But once you're there, designing and printing, then it's better to make provisions with something more.

Paul's story is also documented analogously

In combination with an instant camera from Fuji, this results in an exciting combination. In the future, all encounters with a sauntery background can be documented. For each occasion there is a page with space for a photo and enough space to leave the occasion, participants and signatures.

Thus, over the months, a unique document for our Saab project is to be created. Paul and the log books are inextricably linked. On the cover of the nameplate is marked with Paul's VIN. Of course, after completing the project and the raffle, the books will also be sent to the new owner. On exits and meetings is from now on opportunity to meet our 9-5. Maybe one or the other reader will leave his mark on the travel books. We are curious how our idea will evolve.

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  • Very nice idea with the analogue logbook! I would like to kidnap Paul to the Cologne / Bonn-Saab-Stammtisch, which every 1. Thursdays a month. Where and how can one apply?

    • The schedule is currently running for Paul's "godfather" visit. Something we always have to coordinate with our professional and private commitments. Cologne / Bonn is listed as an idea, let's see what will become of it.

  • Saab-Enthusiasm pure! Please be sure to tell the exact dates of the tour (nee) by Paul in time, would like to meet him also "closer" ...
    "PS": is it 150 or is an upgrade planned?

    • It remains only with the 150 PS, even if more would be very pleasant.

  • Brilliant idea and great implementation.

    The logbook looks pretty nude. And once it's filled with life ...

    With unique pieces, analog and not reproducible. "Polaroids" in the edition 1./1. Who is more valuable after that, Paul or his logbook? No matter, because they will be inseparable. Great!

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