Saab reopening in Bamberg

Last Saturday. The sun is shining, just perfect weather in Upper Franconia. Ralf Muckelbauer and his family have invited to the inauguration of their new dealership to Bamberg. Against 10: 30 clock I arrive at the new Saab - Subaru location.

Saab reopening in Bamberg

The parking spaces at the new dealership and in the neighborhood are already completely occupied at this time, it is busy. The Saab density is high, from the classic 900 over 9-3 to the last Saab 9-5 generation everything is represented. Unfortunately, most of the Saabs have to park outside due to the rush. After all: a 9-5 NG, a rare 9-7, some convertibles and other Saabs are on the site.

The opening is in full swing. Radio Bamberg is on site and broadcasts live from the dealership. In the showroom, where the check-in counter for invited guests is located, there is a mobile broadcasting studio. Ralf Muckelbauer will give an interview on this day. And Michael Helfer, as a representative of Orio Deutschland GmbH on site, will talk about Saab, spare parts and the role of Orio.

Orio shows Saab presence in Bamberg

There is a lot of Saab DNA in the showroom. The reception is original Saab, banners, Saab logos, here the brand is lived. The fact that Saab Heritage mixes with new Subarus does not bother in any way - on the contrary. Both brands are sympathetic, unobtrusive, and complement each other.

On the open air Orio Germany shows Saab flag. Premiere! Finally I have to say. The new mobile booth was to make its first appearance on the 5 anniversary at the 20. May have in Frankfurt. For the opening in Bamberg, the premiere was brought forward and the stand was delivered a few days before the appointment.

The Orio presence was very well received by Saab customers and visitors and was always well attended. Questions about the Saab brand, the technology, the supply of spare parts. Again and again, Saab's life stories were told, and there were fan articles to buy. Michael Helfer and Thomas Hofmeister answered questions and hardly had time for a break.

The spacious outdoor area provided space for a generous hospitality of the guests. Coburg sausages, a local beer brand and soft drinks, delicious crepes. The back part was on this Saturday a huge Franconian beer garden with a pleasant atmosphere and fun for all visitors.

Long journey to the Saab reopening

Saab fans and blog readers did not just come from the Bamberg environment. For the brand, there seems to be no way to go far, and Saab drivers from Saxony, Thuringia, Hesse and North Rhine-Westphalia traveled to celebrate with Ralf Muckelbauer and his family. For me, it was a great opportunity to meet readers, share stories with Saab. Also, Anna, our Saab 9000 project, met with great interest, and several times there was trial seating, dome diving and luggage show.

As always, time passed much too fast. In the early afternoon we headed back to Frankfurt. Fully occupied, with 4 passengers on board, the 9000 showed what it is. A confident travel car that has its strengths on the long haul. Cultivated, fast and extremely comfortable, the 19-era Saab flew over the highway. The analogue adaptive cruise control ensured safety even at slightly higher speeds. The lane keeping and changing assistant 🙂 led safely through the narrow and numerous construction sites on the A3.

The fact that 4 liters consumed 9.6 liters on the display at the end of a rather quick journey proved once more the quality Trollhättan was able to deliver in the 80 and 90 years.

The day in Bamberg was great, without question! The Saab heart in Upper Franconia strikes strong. The brand lives in the new location, and probably more than ever. More impressions from Bamberg are in our Facebook Group deposited.

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  • Impressive building! And enough space to sell Swedish electric cars in the future! Read NEVS?

  • Hello! I probably would not have bought a Saab if I had not met Ralf Muckelbauer and his team. They did not get 5 stars from for nothing. Competent, friendly & reliable. As a Bamberger, I feel well and safe with them!

  • Unfortunately I could not be there. Nevertheless, I wish the company Muckelbauer good luck in the new dealership.

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