Two NEVS concept cars at CES Asia

The rumors of the last days received a first official confirmation today. NEVS will be present at CES Asia, the 7. June in Shanghai opens its doors to present two concept cars. This was announced by NEVS CEO Mattias Bergman via Sverigesradio P4 Väst mit.

NEVS CEO Bergman. Trollhättan 3. May 2017
NEVS electric car with 300 kilometers range

One of the vehicles shown, probably the limousine, is fully developed and ready for production. It's supposed to run off the hoops, with a half year delay to the original schedule, in the summer 2018 in Tianjin. The electric car is based on the Saab 9-3, but should, as already suspected, inside and out wear a different design. Bergman says that you will recognize the car and that you have taken the best of the Saab design.

The range is given unchanged at 300 kilometers, it remains unclear which test cycle was used to determine this information. The first NEVS electric car would be on par with the recently revised e-Golf, which is also specified with a range of 300 kilometers (NEDC cycle). After initial tests, the Golf has around 190 kilometers as a realistic radius of action in everyday life, which should be enough for many commuters.

Components for the electric car are to be produced in Trollhättan, production takes place only in China - as is sales, which has its focus on China. From the end of 2018, however, a small number of electric cars will also come to Sweden, says CEO Bergmann.

Second concept car at CES Asia. An SUV?

The second concept car shown in Shanghai wants to partially anticipate the future of the next generation of vehicles. This will then run from 2020 in series in Tianjin and also in Trollhättan from the tapes. According to our information and in relation to the presentation on the 9. May in Stockholm, this electric vehicle could be an SUV. The market demands this type of vehicle, many manufacturers will show electric SUVs in the coming years. Including Volvo. The other Swedish manufacturer wants to produce its electric car from 2019 also only in China.

In Shanghai, NEVS will not only present two concepts for the first time, but also present its range of services. The company sees itself primarily as a mobility provider.

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