NEVS is negotiating with new investors

NEVS is negotiating to get more investors on board. This message passed last Friday P4 Väst in the world. Surprisingly, she did not come, the company in the coming months, huge investments in the house.

NEVS Trollhattan

A decisive phase. NEVS needs a lot of money now.

The startup at the former Saab plant has several big tasks on the list. There is the new plant in Tianjin that needs to be ready for production. The company's first own product, an electric car that is partially based on the Saab 9-3, is scheduled to go into production in the second half of 2. In addition, there is the establishment of a supply chain, the development of sales and after-sales activities. Announced mobility services as well as a new generation of vehicles must be financed.

With the current shareholder structure, the company does not seem to be able to realize the investments. NEVS would like to take on board more investors who bring liquidity and synergy effects, but do not necessarily have to be from China. At the same time, discussions are being held with manufacturers who could use the Trollhättan production facility with additional production. in the InterviewMattias Bergman gave EFN last week, it can be read.

This is not new. Already two years ago, during the Saab Festival 2015, these issues were a more or less publicly discussed topic. Since the beginning of the year, NEVS's manufacturing division has been working on a new start under a new management, and since the winter of 2016 / 17, Trollhättan has once again been talking about the imminent entry of additional shareholders.

Time is running. If the schedule is to be kept.

Two things are certain. Time is of the essence if the electric car startup wants to even come close to meeting the schedule. The team from the Stallbacka can be compared to a crew that sets out to climb a mountain. You plan, buy the equipment, go to the base camp and then climb the mountain. Where does NEVS stand? We are currently busy packing our rucksacks, the long journey has not even begun.

All visions, all existing orders are only of value if you actually bring electric cars with the NEVS logo onto the street. But one thing is also certain - at NEVS, after almost 5 years, nothing is set in stone. The ownership structure will most likely not remain as it is. It will change, maybe several more times. Mergers with other startups may be on the cards, and one day NEVS may merge into another company.

Other newcomers with great ambitions have similar experiences. Lynk & Co postponed the European start because a sales structure had to be set up in China beforehand. From the end of the year, 700 outlets are to bring the new brand's vehicles to customers. A huge investment. But only a prelude to the planned global presence. The new Lynk brand can access the Geely and Volvo networks. A network that neither NEVS nor its current shareholders have available.

For Trollhättan, developments over the next few months are important. If the management succeeds in establishing the company on the market as a provider of high-quality mobility services over the next five years, then a number of additional jobs could be created in the city.

The question remains why CEO Mattias Bergman the message almost in the same breath with the announcement of the first Concept vehicles scattered? An answer, perhaps the only meaningful, could be that the entry of a new partner is imminent.

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    All major car companies have now written electric cars on their flags, also have the major corporations in terms of research and development and financially much more options than NEVS, since there is nothing for years.
    NEVS is a stillbirth for me, hopefully it will be over soon and then somehow I hope for a real SAAB start.

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    Tesla burns money and keeps collecting money from investors. The difference is, some build electric cars, others have not launched anything in 5 years and have a weird strategy. 2020, Volvo has long been with a luxury electric car in the market and others too. NEVS will not interest anyone anymore.

  • Have to agree with Franken Troll. And if you don't have very deep “pockets” you have to be careful and go step by step, especially when there is no product that you can market.

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    It's just sheer madness. There is a work in Sweden that you can make rotten. Instead, you build a factory in Tianjin, with money you do not have. It would have been easier to establish a small production in Sweden first and then to invest in China. Tesla also successfully builds cars in the US and even sells them to China. Did not anyone notice that at NEVS?

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      NEVS is Chinese. And unlike Volvo, NEVS is a start-up. Who can build what and when where is thus dictated by the national-Chinese interest. The new construction of the work was probably more a political and not an economic decision.

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    A comparison with mountaineers can be made - but like most comparisons this one too is limping. I think NEVS is already on the way and now experienced mountain guides would make sense, as it is a rather difficult ascent.

    It remains to be seen which experienced mountain guides (investors) secure the ascent - after the very extensive preparations, NEVS would like to see successful partnerships and the ascent safely continued.

    Regarding the Bergman interview published yesterday, it remains to be noted that one should not get too stuck on a service package. Public acceptance of NEVS would be significantly greater if cars could also be purchased using conventional practices - for me, this fuss about mobility services is rather off-putting!

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    "... it could be that the entry of a new partner is imminent."

    Could also be that the opposite is the case. Such announcements of announcements seem to me more reassurance pills for the professional world and bait for investors.

    If NEVZ and a potential investor were already more or less in agreement, Bergmann would no longer need vague announcements, but would soon deliver.

    It all seems desperate to me. At least it looks extremely dubious ...

    • Forecasts have always been difficult at NEVS. The only logical explanation of why one is looking for the public right now seems to be the upcoming entry of another investor. But the blog is just a chronicler of the events in Trollhättan.

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        The search for publicity and publicity I think so striking, but see more than a logical or possible explanation for Bergmann's public outreach.

        Everything is supposedly imminent - model presentations, trial phases, production start, market launches - or is supposedly already in a dry towel (deal on hundreds of thousands of vehicles). Great bride. Good dowry. That's exactly what you would tell potential investors.

        Maybe NEVS has just realized that they need investors and is at the beginning of the search? Maybe talks have already taken place, but have failed? Who knows?

    • Everything is strange. These unclear and vague conjectures we have experienced at Saab before.
      The external presentation of NEVS is also not binding. I suspect that as the Chinese government has also brought their subsidies close to zero, there are already problems with NEVS. I'm not interested in NEVS either. Let's talk and write about our brand SAAB. The blog is also called SAAB blog. net and not NEVS
      All Saab drivers a nice week.

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