A look inside the plant. Saab 900 II production 1993.

We continue to digitize Saab's legacy and now have 15 “new” Saab videos ready to be uploaded. The films are mainly from the 80s and 90s, including many productions that Saab Germany commissioned.

Saab 900 production at the plant in Trollhättan
Saab 900 production at the plant in Trollhättan

The finished digitized tapes are only a small part of what is still waiting for us. The campaign was made possible by Saab Service Frankfurt and Gerard Ratzmann, who gave us access to his extensive archive of historical Saab films. He had recognized videos that were taken out of service at Saab Germany in bygone times as evidence of the times and saved them from destruction. The result was a large collection that is the basis for our ongoing campaign.

Saab 900 II production 1993

A video from 1993 goes online today. The filming location is the factory in Trollhättan and shows the production of a Saab 900 II. The start is in the material warehouse, from where a roll of steel is sent to the press shop. Robots then assemble the sheet metal parts to form the body, then the paint shop and other stations follow until a Saab 900 II leaves the factory and drives towards the delivery area. In the video, the production is done in around 6 minutes, in real life it takes considerably longer.

Production of the 900 II started on May 10, 1993. It only took 40 hours to produce. A huge increase in productivity after an average of 110 hours, which Saab previously needed to build Saab 9000 and 900. This was made possible because many parts were delivered pre-assembled for the first time. A nice example of this is the dashboard. It is completely assembled for the first time when it floats into the body.

What is still waiting for the readers? Films that deal with technical innovations, Saab Germany events, recordings from television, presentations and more are already digitized. Around 50 more films are waiting to be discovered and digitized. It's a lot of work, but also a lot of fun. Because every new film is a little journey of discovery into the world of a special car brand.

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  • Very cool, they have already worked hard for everything.

    Have fun on Saab!

  • Thank you very much!

  • Very beautiful!!! We want to see something like that, to reminisce. That's what we've been dealing with and identifying for years. A great idea to provide more films. Such things interest Saab fans (me at least) and no NEVS stories please keep it up. Thank you.

  • Great these films from times gone by.
    A pity that this work has been standing still for so long!

  • Great! Thank you!

  • What a good idea to have these beautiful videos, which Saab has always done very well, digitized for the future. We are curious to discover more in the other blogs.
    Thank you very much, it brings back what Saab life back.

  • Before the human factor comes into the picture, the film has something of science fiction ...

    It's great that someone protects this SAAB heritage from loss and makes it accessible. Thank you!

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