Saab feeling. 5 years Saab Service Frankfurt.

There are things that surprise. Because they are unpredictable, and because they arise from unusual situations. After all, who has experience in dealing with a car brand that no longer produces vehicles whose spirit is nevertheless very present?

Saab story to touch!

Last Saturday provided a positive surprise - at least for all people who have both a little gasoline in their blood and a Saab feeling in their hearts. Gerard Ratzmann had invited Saab Service Frankfurt to his 5th birthday ... and many came. If you wanted to get an idea of ​​how celebrations were held on the site of the former Saab Germany branch in previous Saab times, you were in the right place.

It was a very saabiger event in a relaxed atmosphere; in a frame that was worthy of the Saab brand. Two parking lots outside the dealership area were reserved, folders took care of the instruction of the arriving Saabs. Both car parks were well filled at times, with more than 200 customers and friends of the Saab brand announcing their arrival.

Saab history on site. A journey through history.

The Saabs on site and on the premises were a journey through the history of the brand. Starting with 2-strokes, over 96, 900, 9000, 9-3 and 9-7x up to a surprising number of Saab 9-5 NG everything was represented. What was striking was the very good maintenance status of many vehicles. Saab 9000 in the "almost year-car condition" or a rare 9-7x from prominent previous ownership and on the way to "better than new" attracted attention.

Gerard Ratzman showed part of his collection, including a rare 2014 9-3 Aero and many other treasures. RTL's local editorial team was there, filming the whole afternoon for a short report that will go on air on June 09.06th at around 18 p.m. on RTL Hessen. The catering was excellent, there was live music. Orio Germany was on site with an info stand.

Orio lives Saab and shows his flag.

Among the guests were former Saab employees and part of the Orio Germany workforce, which still lives Saab. Orio Germany CEO Jan-Philipp Schuhmacher committed himself to the stand service and had lively discussions with the Saab drivers. For him it was a kind of home game or a detour into the past. Because after the separation from GM was temporarily on the grounds of the former Saab branch also the German headquarters of the brand at home.

For the guests one thing was clear this afternoon: Saab is alive! The old Saab feeling, it was back for a short time. Also because in Frankfurt Gerard Ratzmann made a passion out of a job. You can feel it, you feel it. I say thank you! For the next 5 years. At least.

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  • Unfortunately we could not participate due to a family celebration, which we very much regret. But we'll catch up with the 10 year old. Gudrun + Jürgen Jäger

  • I also had the opportunity to stop by and was surprised how big the response was. Great events like this and this blog are what keeps the brand alive!

  • Congratulations to Gerad and Jutte Ratzmann for the 5. Birthday but also for this great initiative. Never seen at a brand that is no longer in production. That shows something !!!!

  • Nice that there is something else. I read the report with pleasure. Thank you.

  • Very beautiful! Also my congratulations to Frankfurt!

  • Perfect event, weather was good, food was very good, drum around was very good
    CONGRATULATIONS to Saab Service Frankfurt.
    Keep up the good work, there is still much to do.
    It's also nice to see my own car in the pictures.

  • Great event and nice photos! Thanks for that!

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