Saab magazines, caps and something to win.

There are some short messages from the Saab world. Let's start with Trollhättan! Two Saab Jas 39 Gripen visited the place where it all started at short notice. They landed on the Trollhättan - Vänersborg airfield, which is located directly at the former car and aircraft plant.

Saab Inside and Saab Caps

The visit of the two fighter jets of the Royal Swedish Air Force was short-lived. The local newspaper documented this memorable moment of “Coming Home” with one Video, Two modern Saab aircraft, among the best in the world, in the foreground. The background is the former Saab factory, where the lettering NEVS can now be seen.

The new Saab Inside as an exclusive print version.

The Orio Germany GmbH We enjoy the Saab Inside twice a year. It is free for members of the Saab Service Club. Already on the day of issue you have the electronic version in the mailbox. But there is also a printed version, which is distributed in a very small edition. We always get some copies of Orio and pass on the majority to readers.

In that case we would part with 3 of these collectibles. How to get it? On Friday we start here a Saab picture riddle. It will not be easy to solve, but as always, we are giving some hints. The first 3 correct answers may look forward to a recent issue of Saab Inside in their mailbox.

Saab magazines. Part II
Vintage car practice, the current issue.

In the current issue of classic car practice Saab two-stroke technology is put under the microscope. Hubert Hanser, recognized Saab two-stroke expert and a big fan of the brand, dissects the technology and brings Saab's history to life. Worth reading, even if you should not have a two-stroke in the garage.

Saab Caps Collector's Edition.

After we closed our fan shop, Orio Germany is increasingly taking care of nice little things for the fans. There are already mugs and shirts that can be obtained from Saab partners. With the spring campaign, Saab caps also came onto the market. They are of high quality and embroidered with the "Saab more than a car" logo. Either the Ursaab or the logo with the griffin is printed on the back.

They are definitely worthy of a collection, and they are also a good sunscreen. Ideal for the summer months and to show flag for our little brand!

IntSaab 2017. Deadline.

The IntSaab 2017 will take place from August 4th to 6th in Dinslaken. I had the slightest hope that the organizers would use the access to the blog offered to them to promote the good cause. Unfortunately this was not the case, probably because there is too much to plan and organize.

Entry deadline for participation is the 31. May, time is running out. 272 vehicles are currently on the list of participants, space is still up. Short determined brand fans can seize the opportunity.

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