2. Hamburger Saab meeting. A review.

Unfortunately I was able to 2. May not be in Hamburg as planned. The decision between the Saab reopening in Bamberg and the 2. Hamburg Saab meeting was canceled against the event in the north.

2. Hamburger Saab meeting. Photo Credit: Oli

As in the previous year, the historic large filling station in the Brandshof served as the backdrop for the meeting. The first edition in 2016 was already very promising and expectations were not disappointed. From 11:00 a.m., the cult brand with the Greif took control of the site. All historic Saabs including the 9000 series were approved for direct access.

The biggest Saab Sonett III meeting in Germany.

Newer vehicles had to park in the area, and at times the parking space became tight. Around 60 Saabs on the gas station area, more on the street, all expectations were exceeded. The Saab Sonnet Group delivered a very special surprise. A sonnet hotspot has established itself in Hamburg almost unnoticed. Around 11:30 a.m., 4 Saab Sonett III drove in a convoy towards the gas station! When do you see something like that beyond Sweden?

An extremely rare spectacle that was later perfected by sonnet number 5. This made the meeting in Hamburg at the same time the largest Sonett III meeting in Germany. There are many pictures on the page of Thorsten Ziehm, who is the owner of a sonnet.

As always there were great Saab talks, culinary specialties like the historic gas station, and Saab celebrities were also there. The Saab specialist and tuner Nico Gasparatos was spotted, Markus and Karlheinz Lafrentz came from Kiel. This time with a very exclusive Saab 9000 Turbo, which should not be completely unknown to attentive readers. He will be, once the next few months even halfway to plan, once again extensively topic on the blog.

The second edition at Brandshof was a complete success. Thanks to Thorsten and Oli for the contribution, without which the article would not have been possible. The Hamburg Saab meeting is about to establish itself firmly in the Saab appointment calendar. We look forward to the 3. Edition!

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    5 sonnets at a relatively small, local meeting are really good! And everyone comes from the region!
    In the meantime I have made further contacts in order to be able to top that number next year

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    5 SAAB Sonnet…. incredible! Wonderful! Take good care of it! 😉 It's crazy that so many SÄBE met there at the historic gas station in HH! Let's see if I can be there next year ... In 2017 I was on the RR at MSR 2017.

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    Nice pictures from the north! Thanks to Oli, Thorsten and everyone involved!

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    Since one would like to be able to choose one.
    But which one would you take?
    All of them are missing from my SAAB “collection” (chrome glasses SC).

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    5 Sonnet! That's just WOW !!

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    Saab celebrities are for me also Detlef and Guido. Nice that you were there too!

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