NEVS launches City Mobility Pilot with new 9-3 series in Tianjin

Swedish-based mobility company NEVS launches a Tianjin Binhai Hi-tech Industrial Development Area (THT).

NEVS 9-3X EV Concept. Photo Credit: NEVS

The program offers car-sharing and ride hailing solutions in Tianjin city, with 15 million inhabitants. The users want to get access to all the NEVS 9-3 EV series. With this green technology collaboration, the ambition is to pave the way for a new type of mobility solutions for modern and sustainable cities.

NEVS wants to provide both electric vehicles and mobility services with the new 9-3 electric vehicles.

THT, where NEV's joint venture factory and R & D are located, is one of the first Chinese national hi-tech industrial parks. In recent years, by attracting innovative forerunners, leading projects and international brands, THT has established itself as a role model for the high-end industrial clusters, becoming an important base for domestic science and technology development.

Tianjin, and develop them in full scale with real people in real life situations, with the vision to create a future integrated urban mobility solution " says Mattias Bergman, President at NEVS.

To extend the EV product portfolio for SUVs from the Chinese market, NEVS now also launches a brand new model: NEVS 9-3X SUV.

On June 7th - 9th, NEVS wants to display a concept of the new 9-3 series and visualize more of its future vision at CES Asia in Shanghai.

FEATURES, the new NEVS 9-3 series:
  • The new NEVS 9-3 series offers a high level of smart technology to enhance the in-car experience, such as WiFi hotspot, over-the-air software updates and battery management by smart-phone.
  • The new NEVS 9-3 series thus offers a world-class filter of cabin air, "Always Clean Air Cabin" (ACAC), with a filter efficiency up to 99%. PM 2.5 from 500 to 50 μg / m3 takes less than one minute to reduce the hazardous particle levels.
  • The new NEVS 9-3 series are based on more than 70 years of Saab Automobile engineering experience. This is mirrored by the outstanding driving and riding experience.
  • The Swedish Heritage shown in both design, high safety and quality standards.
  • The new NEVS 9-3 series has already passed through rigorous comfort, ride and handling testing and wants to launch 2018.
  • There are already more than 150'000 9-3 vehicles ordered, from different Chinese companies
  • The fleet management portal makes it possible to track and diagnose cars on the road in distance, which will significantly enhance both the drivers 'and passengers' safety and health.
  • 300 km range
  • Prepared for mobility services:
    • Digital car key in smart phone app
    • Fleet Management Portal
    • Vehicle control by smart phone
    • The new NEVS 9-3 series EVs wants to be built into NEVS 'China factories.

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  • But to advertise a higher combination as an SUV is a bit risky. Let's see how the customers reward it.
    Nevertheless, I wish you much success with the project. Ugly is not.

  • Mh, well, finally a cat comes out of the bag. Leaves me, however, at a loss. Looks like a previous 9-3, which you absolutely had to modify, because of "novelty". So it's Jason Castriota on the front and plastic on top. Both do not leave me with a good impression. Of course, everything could have been a lot worse, see the ornamental transformations of the former 9-5, now delivered Chinese new rich taste. Yet the Baroque bonnet in Muscle Car style no longer matches the rest of the original design. Why an electric car needs a large grille, opens up to me not synonymous. The plastic on top looks helpless, I wonder if it should be based on the old tools based side parts with a higher interior.

    A design element that has always bothered me with the 9-3 station wagon is the rear spoiler. It looks just tinkered, as if you would not have found a better solution for the car on the fly. Here he is even more stressed, which affects nimble. Especially under the given conditions of use. Spurtschnell in a traffic jam he hisses from inner city street to inner city parking lot, always pressed firmly to the ground?

    • With regard to the large radiator grille, one can say that the Chinese or the Asian market are in great demand for cars with large radiator grills, or that this design element is in great demand there. Maybe you want to orient yourself a little bit on the market and or a little bit.
      That's why maybe the additional designation SUV at the 9-3 X ... simply because that just stops in the trend.

  • Finally (!) Pictures!
    The SAAB 9-3 X a little more "inflated" than SUV. In my eyes much resemblance to the (old) Volvo XC 60. Also comes from the same time, before 10 years. But still looks pleasing if the person likes SUV.
    Whether that will be the big bringer in these days of the Dauerstaus in the Far East ???

  • The 9-3 looked better. And more modern. That's downcycling!

    The tail lights of the limo look as if they came from an old Opel Corsa of a Brandenburg youth.

    Up-to-date and up-to-date luxury models have up to 100 Kw / h battery capacity and benefits of 300 Kw and more. The ranges are still indicated with 500 km ...

    That's 20 Kw / h on 100 Km. In other words, you can not get more than 27,2 horsepower to move the 2,2-ton E-Mobile. But if you drive quickly with 136 PS over the highway, the "tank" is empty after just one hour.

    The auto industry seems to me to spin just as much as exhaust emissions and fuel consumption. Only this time the politics clap her vigorously applause. It's the holy e-mobility.

    • that's the way it is. This "Up to ... .km range" babbling is really on my point. It borders on fraud. I counter already with "up to 1500 km range". It all comes too early, the batteries do not have the necessary energy density / cost. Since first research funds should have flowed in, instead of with operational hustle and billions unfit vehicles to develop.

      A few years ago I was sure that the next step would be the plug-in hybrid. Why it did not happen, I do not know.

      I now have the "triple two" requirement profile. The box should be able to drive 2 hours at 200 km / h. She should also be able to pull 2 tons. Seems to take a while ....

  • No exterior mirrors? Only camera holder?

  • Why do not you bother to at least translate the NEVS press releases when you're almost taking them over 1: 1?

    • Because we also have a job and an extremely timely reporting otherwise would not be possible.

    • Others are happy that the blog exists. Also some, whose native language is not German. Reading a little English has not hurt anyone yet. Please do not be so lazy ...

  • The car looks like a box
    It seems from the description of a car that shines through software update and air filter - a little bit

  • They look better than expected. well done

  • I think it could have been worse. I'm rather positively surprised, the design language of Saab is already clearly visible. However, the rear of the sedan looks more like Mazda.

  • Thanks for the report. Well, as mentioned above, it could have been worse.
    There are some questionable details in the front and back ... but there is finally something there ... unbelievable, it is the very first thing the shop has made itself.
    I hope you will succeed. I'm curious what will happen.

  • So the station wagon, or the supposed SUV better, is cool. I would like it. And now comes over me

  • I do not think so too critically. We must not forget that the car is destined for the Chinese market, a market that knows very little about the original. It is at least once a sign of life of NEVS and you can see, regardless of whether everyone still likes Saab. I also think it could have been worse. Let's wait for the next, new generation.

  • The prospects are really not bad at all. I also like the fact that the "SUV" looks very much like a further development of the 9-3 - a clear reminder of SAAB.

    The sedan, well, not bad, but just a mass suitable design.

  • Definitely better than expected! Now they just have to build it and win my SAAB friend as a NEVS partner. Then it's alright.

  • Saab is still there, where the age of development is visible. Otherwise, the optically completely overhauled carts and one can almost be glad that the Swedes do not have to build the thing, so ugly are the.

    Who asks for such a car? Nobody, except the Chinese. I do not care about that, and so I still hope that the sky will open and someone like Phoenix out of the ashes will gather up to use the fallow possibilities of a Saab successor.
    Anyone who has ever driven a 900er Turbo, or even the last 9-5 can only despise all this and I'm already waiting for when the insane Stromer rows out the money, because it will buy far too few.
    A hydrogen drive would offer completely different possibilities, but obviously does not fit into the world - at least currently.

    This comes out when politicians think they have a clue about technology ....

    Greeting Linus

  • Hmmm ... is the 9-3 SC not originally from 2005?

    At the first look I found the studies not sensational new, but not "so bad".
    For such an "old car" always optically not outdated.

    Looking closer, I also find some things that would disturb me personally pers. (Even if it is only a draft), for example:

    With the old 9-3 lower side window line and hood gave somehow a recognizable line.
    When NEVS design, the hood now suddenly somehow additionally set up (maybe partly also because of the new plastic elements?).
    Also on the A-pillar in the new draft sketches the hood looks at least a bit "too high" for me at least.

    • The hood probably sits higher because of the pedestrian protection. The lateral lines are naturally ruined. A price that you have to pay if you want to change as little as possible sheet metal parts.

      • I agree. SAAB has already achieved that, too. When switching from the 9000CC (a conclusive Ital design) to the CS, unfortunately, the lower edge of the window on the doors was not adjusted. As good as the CS is, he does not really have a line. It took a while for me to get used to it.
        Otherwise, I find the 9-3 not outdated until today and here is under the plate guaranteed a new car.

  • I think the car is great, especially the NEVS 9-3X I like. Looks like a facelift from the Saab 9-3.
    With the old model, NEVS can best bridge the gap to SAAB.
    If it had been a completely new model with a completely different design, here would be the
    Most write negative about NEVS (Chinakarre etc.) and there would be nothing left of SAAB.
    What I would like, however, would be a turbo engine, mirrors and the car in Trollhättan
    would be built and then sold through the Orio network.
    I also have to get used to electro ............

  • Saabspirit does not come to me, neither at NEVS nor at what
    the presented ...

  • Is that all what happened in 6 years ago? A spoiled design, the wrong lettering on the hood and underneath the wrong drive technology. For me, all this has nothing to do with Saab and I do not have to sell the things so fortunately synonymous to earn money.

  • Moin together,

    One aspect mentioned here is the use of a known design to make the SAAB-Nevs connection. What was available? Just a GM SAAB design from the 2000 years, which was not uncontroversial among us SAAB drivers and enthusiasts. What was made of it to create continuity is certainly as much a matter of taste as the base it was used for. There were no alternatives to a possible link with the SAAB heritage. I never liked the sedan and today it is the furthest away from the SAAB Spirit. The estate SUV (brave) variant is quite attractive for my taste. Beautifully designed rear and also the front part is SAAB compatible. The whole plastic Klimbim is not mine, but maybe there is a clearer version. Exciting is what will follow this model. If that comes in the clear and recognizable SAAB design, that would be a positive surprise for me. And, if we want to talk about clear SAAB design, what do we mean? 96 he, 900 he, 99 he, 9-5 sedan and 93 I. OK, but all the rest whether 9-5 station wagon, 90 iger, 93 II, 9-5 facelift eyewear or even the 9000 he? Were those vehicles that have been assigned to the pure SAAB design? At least with the qualities most of them could make up for what they otherwise might have missed. As a result, I find the model shown here a first positive approach, that as an exciting brand with SAAB genes is developed.

    Best regards from Erik

  • Except for the rims, everything is fine - the design is similar to what was expected.

    With the next model series there will be a completely new design anyway - at the moment the connection to SAAB should be clearly visible. The rear lights with solid bar I find even nicer than the SAAB 9-3 II.

  • Nice the NEVS shows something. Let's hope that they succeed. You recognize the SAAB genes and that's good. It would have been better to design front and rear less from riot. That may meet the Chinese customer taste. A future design for Europe would have to stand out for its simple elegance - just as SAAB has always been.
    You can stay curious.

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