93er 3er gang

My many comments on the blog can be deduced that I like the Saab 9-3 very special. And there again the first series, so year of construction 1998 - 2002.

The Aero in the background also carries the rare Viggen Body Kit. Photo: Hans

In my opinion, especially the 9-3 coupes are perfect. Simple, cool and from every angle simply outstanding in the proportions!

My preference for the 9-3 he started in 2003. Then I finally bought my first Saab. I know, late, very late I found the cult brand from Sweden. Before that I drove Citroen and Lancia, so always very individual on the way. And the Lancia Delta was then also briefly offered in Sweden under the name Saab 600. I was not that wrong!

Later, as the family grew, a big station wagon was needed, that was in the year 1992. Big combo? Since the way to the Volvo 940 is not far. So an 940er was bought. Delivered in January 1993, I was looking forward to the vehicle for a long time. When Saab finally released a large station wagon in the 1998 / 99, a personal crisis in the form of a divorce broke out for me. The project Saab had to wait and was delayed a bit until the 2003.

In spring 2003 I fell in love with a 9-3 convertible. Almost it was there, in bright yellow, with SE equipment and automatic. That's exactly how I would have bought a new convertible. Maybe not quite so, because the 2.3i engine is a pretty rickety guy. In a Saab belongs a turbo engine, I learned that fast!

Over the years, I was doing well economically and I soon had a great partner again (not only because of the sleek convertible ....). She is not only a sweet girl, she also has a lot of space around her rural property. And that in turn gave me room to expand the fleet.

Now, over time, I've been able to grow my fabulous 93er. First I bought a blue Viggen Coupe.

Viggen, is there anything else to be said?

I enjoyed 3 years over the brawny start from low speeds and the really nice shape. And then a horse kicked me and at the same time a devil rode me and I sold the Viggen! And soon it was so annoying that I got an Aero Coupe in dark blue metallic with the Viggenbody. A great car, running smooth and smooth, but the big buzz of Viggen was missing ....
Recently I filled the 93 gap and for about 4 months is again a Viggen, an 5-door sedan, in my garage.

It is now that I own a limo, a coupe and convertible 9-3 Series I. So a complete 93 3er gang ... ..

The composition of the motorization may perhaps be considered somewhat unusual, because the convertible has the lame 2.3i engine, while the 5 door sedan owns the 2.3 Turbo Viggen engine! The coupe has the 2.0 Turbo, now with maptun stage one, so with about 250 PS. And with that, the Aero is also running properly!

And oh yes, a lime metallic convertible from the year 2005 has also come to it. I'm reluctant to admit it, but the jump from 9-3 I to II is already big. The Series II drives lighter and more harmonious, it is a very calm, mature car. Of course, with the lime metallic color, it is noticeable everywhere, everyone thinks the color is cool, really great, it's just that nobody has bought it! So, I like it and the 93 II has become my secret favorite. But I would never admit that ....
My fleet includes a 9-5 II TiD and two Lancias, a Fulvia and a Delta HF.

But these are completely different stories!

Good time and many happy Saab kms!

Thanks to Hans for the Saab story! That's what one of our exclusive Saab boarding files on the journey. Do you also have something to tell about Saab?

The story of an unforgettable holiday, a restoration or any other event in life with the cult brand from Trollhättan?
Whatever it is, write us. We are looking forward to it!

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    A little envy comes up. Great fleet, nice story. The coupe is my favorite. This shape and color ... a dream.

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    I can understand very well: We also drive 3 Saab 9-3 I: Viggen Cabrio with 184 kw, 2,0t convertible with 162kw and a 2,2tid from 2003 - together already 710tkm without problems, as well as an Aero combination from 2006 330tkm - 3 of them on Prins V1. Not for sale .. :-)

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    I like the Swedish colors best
    ys3d, the last model with the classic line and in every variant chic,
    is now driven by the whole family with us.

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    Great story, Hans, and what a beautiful collection !!!

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      Thank you to Belgium! Still dreaming of your beautiful 9-5er !!

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    nice fleet, such a selection I would like synonymous

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    Great collection!
    All variants there. Coupé, four-door, convertible. The trio also looks good in terms of color.

    Today we know (unfortunately) that he will probably remain forever the last and most modern hatchback of SAAB. A form that truly inspires with its elegance and the nevertheless huge boot.

    I've never quite understood most of the SAAB sedans. The 9-5 II is nice, but the 9000 clearly showed that it was a hatchback and the limo was just a derivative.

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    Interesting fleet! Congratulations! The pictures of the SAAB's are a stunner! Plump in the green surroundings with a blue sky! 🙂 Have fun with your “sweetheart”! Accident-free journey! 🙂
    Beautiful Pentecost!

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    A wonderful declaration of love …… .. I can understand well! I hope you continue to enjoy the beautiful 9-3s.!

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