NEVS 9-3 electric car concept. Questions and backgrounds.

Yesterday we were able to present first pictures of the NEVS 9-3 electric car concept. The vehicles themselves are from the 7. June at CES ASIA. It will be NEVS's first trade show appearance.

NEVS factory in Trollhättan

Some details in the background that we learned from circles close to NEVS are noteworthy. So far we have had to start from the fact that production will only take place in China. In the summer of 2016, the company announced, presumably under pressure to obtain a production license, that it would not include Trollhättan in the production process. It was previously assumed that body parts would be sent from Sweden to China by rail. Final assembly should then take place at the Tianjin plant.

In Trollhättan it was not due to this decision to the announced new hires. The disappointment was great.

Car body construction now in Trollhättan?

Now NEVS is about to reactivate the original plan. In the initial phase of production, the NEVS 9-3 will be pressed in the Swedish plant. That would be good news for Sweden. Because it would mean additional jobs at the former Saab location.

Tianjin has been specified as the installation site for the NEVS 9-3 sedan. The work is not finished yet, however, and it is difficult to say how far NEVS is on schedule. The NEVS 9-3X SUV, or more correctly the off-road station wagon, on the other hand, could roll off the production line in Longyan. The New Long Ma plant belongs to the NEVS Group and produces, among other things, all-electric vans.

In theory, under these conditions, it would also be possible to produce electric cars in Trollhättan. If already body parts are made in Sweden, talk little against it. There are no signs yet. Because NEVS would have to increase the staffing for this.

How realistic the plans are is difficult to classify. The fact that the vehicles shown are concept cars and do not present the series leaves slight doubts as to whether NEVS can keep to its schedule. NEVS is looking for further partners in order to obtain the necessary funds for the start of production and for new tools. This involves at least three-digit million amounts. Not in Yuan / RMB, but in Euros. In addition, the Phoenix E platform must be further developed and brought to maturity. At least if you want to bring a completely new product onto the market in 2020. A preview of this is to be seen in Shanghai.

A not easy situation. Because for NEVS it should have top priority to start production. Only when electric cars with the NEVS logo in China and Europe come in large numbers on the road, the startup is credible. And only when the production is running, also an attractive partner for other partners.

Many questions, no answers.

And there are more questions. What is actually behind the mobility services, the headline of yesterday press release were? In any case, NEVS did not supply any facts. In addition, there would be the partnership with the electric car Startup Iconiq, This has neither its own work, nor a finished product or its own platform for it. Probably not the means to realize your own plans. Instead, Iconiq relies on NEVS and the Phoenix E platform, which will bring the brand to flying from 2020.

Finally, one should still think about the framework agreements that exist NEVS. They came from Volcino, Panda New Energy and State Grid. It depends on the production of the NEVS 9-3 electric cars and thus the fate of the company. The production should have been running for a long time. How do the partners see this situation?

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    Sadly what I see is the last of the 9-3's pre Saab bankruptcy, plus a few tweeks. //

    Where is the new platform and 9-3 …… ..

    Maybe I am still wrong, but when I see NEVS using SAABS 'old ideas, and transferring it's technology to china, where is the tomorrow for Sweden, (just rapeing of the local engineering).

  • I do not understand this partly unreflected nagging of the knowing (?) And the ignorant. Saab has a long history of great visions, studies and missed promises and the like. And Saab also has a long history of lack of resources and money. Nevertheless, people in Sweden were and are inventive. The sheet metal part of the door of a Saab 900 from 1993 is identical to that of a Saab 99 from 1968 except for the smallest differences. Nevertheless, both Saabs drive completely different and are technologically different cars. None of these constant complainers would ever notice this fact, let alone bother them. Anyone who makes the already difficult start with the most absurd expectations digital media difficult for workers and developers in Sweden and China with this permanent NEVS shitstorm, because the NEVS 9-3 for China is based on a concept presented in 2002, should rather go to the other Chinese -Change Swedish brand, because Volvo also builds good cars.

    • blank

      How do you know which grumbler when what attracts attention? Who is nagging mentally inferior per se?

      I also nag a lot about NEVS, but I know something about doors, for example. Incidentally, the other Swedish-Chinese manufacturer also kept its doors identical from the late 60s to the 90s. The front and side windows too. The rear window was never changed on the sedans and a 2-door (142,144, 164, 244, 264 and XNUMX). At some point (after a quarter of a century) the station wagon got a little bigger ...

      So what? These were completely different times!

      How can you compare a global start-up in the 21st century and in the age of Industry 4.0 with the fact that resourceful Swedes of both brands kept their development and production costs low in the late post-war period? I don't see any connection at all ...

      NEVS can either deliver a modern and future-proof car, or not. You can argue about that, but you shouldn't ...

      Above all, however, one can save oneself speculating on the character and intellect of the respective representatives of one position or another. That's really wrong.

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    To present a sg concept car that reminds me so much of a production model that you have known for a long time - that looks even older than series models that already exist or have already existed, is already a mature achievement.

    I can not remember seeing anything like this before. Certainly not from SAAB.

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    If you consider what has been developed and produced at NEVS so far, then you have some doubts as to whether this will ever happen.

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    The questions that have been asked have their justification. For some questions, PATIENT comes into play again with the possible answers. We know that.
    At the moment, given these open questions, it would be an “advantage” if salaries continued to be paid ...
    In the 23rd week we'll see more ..., it's not that long anymore. 😉

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    Yesterday, I read an article that shows that the average development time for a completely new car is 30 months. NEVS has now needed 60 months for a concept. Unclear is the production and Trollhättan faces the same situation as in summer 2016. That will, even if I like the Concet somehow, never what.

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