Saab short messages. Rally Plates, Service Folders, etc.

Next week in Kiel starts the Pre tour to the Saab Festival in Trollhättan. The Rallye Plates are under pressure and will be sent in time to the Lafrentz car dealership. As in recent years, so are the current Plates collectors and memorabilia.

Rallye Plates 2017. Pre Tour Kiel - Trollhättan.

Because the names of the registered participants are printed on the plates. A regrettable message to the Saab Festival comes from our side. Mark and I can not be here this time. It's the first time in many years, which does not make us happy. Work and family have priority over the most beautiful hobby in the world, there we have to go through. We wish all participants a lot of fun in the hometown of our brand!

The Pre Tour to Trollhättan, to the 70. Saab's birthday starts at 8. June from 13: 00 clock on the grounds of Saab center in Kiel.

Saab boarding folders of our readership.
Exclusive Saab board folders on the way!

Readers who are interested in our current Action and their Saab story we make public, will be rewarded with an exclusive board of Saab. Equipped with Saab notepads that are not for sale, they are something very special.

We now have the folders with pens from Orio Germany and refined with stickers from the blog a little bit. The first copies are now shipping! We look forward to further submissions!

Picture contest 2017

On the Youngtimer Blog runs until Sunday a picture contest. Reader Benjamin holds up the Saab flag and got involved. It's a matter of honor for us to support him. On the one hand, he always provides contributions to the blog, on the other hand, he has Saab in the blood. We are also involved in everything that keeps the brand alive.

Our request: Support Benjamin and vote! Many thanks and nice, saabige Pfingsttage to all readers.

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  • Yes, that's a pity you can not attend.
    But I understand that well, with me it was also very close.

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