Teaser & Video Electric Car Concept from NEVS

This morning, a teaser was posted on the Facebook page of NEVS. Also on a page from China suddenly appeared on a video. That's even more interesting. And the question arises: What do we see there?

Teaser NEVS video

It is clear that NEVS will reveal an insight into the future of mobility next week. At CES Asia, in addition to the already well-known 9-3 concept cars, we can see what our urban mobility might look like in a few years. Autonomous driving, mobility services, and electric cars with permanent networking are the focus.

All this should be based on the new PhoenixE platform. It should be the basis of a new vehicle generation for the year 2020.

Teaser from NEVS. What is hidden behind this picture?

The vehicles of the future will not have much in common with what we have in our carports today. The image excerpt from the Chinese video could be a teaser of this very future. It has the NEVS logo, it looks futuristic, it is difficult to classify. And no, it is certainly not a toaster, not a spaceship, and also not one of our well-known picture puzzles.

Maybe it's the front of a fully networked, autonomous vehicle that will show the new generation of electric cars from the year 2020?

This is probably the first, exclusive view of the concept car for the CES ASIA based on the PhoenixE platform. It represents the future of Trollhättan, urban mobility, and a new way of using vehicles in the future.

6 thoughts on "Teaser & Video Electric Car Concept from NEVS"

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    In the video we are "applied" mightily with SAAB ..., expectations are increasing in this design direction ...
    Let's see if the expectations are met. After Pentecost we are smarter ... and one way or another enlightened! 😉
    Happy Pentecost to all readers!

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    Revolution at NEVS? That would be SAAB tradition again. Oh man!

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    An autonomous driving capsule. Class!

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    What was that? After the NEVS rebuilt old Saabs, are we now traveling towards the future? Crass contrasts and a great blog! Am very excited!

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    That's going to be exciting. Maybe NEVS was not so idle and we will be surprised.
    It would be too nice.
    Thanks for this interesting info.
    All Saab friends beautiful Pentecost.

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